Domain Names

Domain Names

A vital key to the success of your business website is in the selection of an appropriate and memorable domain name. Win a free domain name with our award-winning annual plans.

SITE123 provides a panel where you can create your own free domain name and finally make your website professional. Here, you can also manage your domain’s DNS records (Domain Name System). It's actually thanks to DNS that you can type in the address bar of your browser to access Google, not a lot of numbers and points. You can manipulate the DNS records of your site and set them up in the best way to meet all your needs.

SITE123 enables you to connect your existing domain to our platform. So, you do not need to use the domain name generator to create a new one. You can take advantage of your old one and add it to our interface. Everyone who visited and knew your site before may continue to access it, even if you used a different platform before. Taking advantage of your old domain, you can reshape the image of your company, giving a new face, more modern and with a lot of personality. Your customers will be really surprised when they notice the change.

SITE123 has a domain name generator with a built-in domain name search tool. When you enter the domain you want in the Domain Management Panel, we tell you whether or not that domain is available. Thus, you will surely find a domain that represents your business and is exclusively yours.

No matter which SITE123 package you own, all our annual packages will give you a free domain. Using your free domain, you will demonstrate that your business is serious and organized. Having a domain of yours passes much more credibility and, consequently, will help you close more deals.