Domain Names

Domain Names

Quickly Search for and Purchase Your Domain
How do you find a domain name? Just use our SITE123 search, which can instantly locate any domain through a variety of common extensions. Where your domain name search reveals your first choice is taken, find another relevant title to search. This is better than simply using another extension, a .mobi rather than a .com, for example, as this can lead to confusion when customers are trying to find you. Aim to be relevant, unique and easily found! SITE123 then helps you to secure this name for up to 10 years, keeping current or future competitors at bay.

Get a Free Domain
The unprecedented annualy Advanced and Professional packages available to SITE123 customers all include a free domain name using one of the standard extensions. While registering your free domain names, the connection to your websites will be performed automatically and with no effort - these are just two of the many terrific reasons for choosing SITE123. Start searching for your choice of free domains now.

Register and Connect Your Custom Domain
The SITE123 team can quickly tie your custom domain to your exciting business website. They will help you through the domain name registration with the simple and swift "order now" process. In just moments, you can register your domain name for the time period you choose. Congratulations - whatever-you-choose.relevant-extension is now yours and yours alone, ready for you to connect it to and then quickly build a stunning SITE123 website.

Operate Domain Control Panel
This superb SITE123 tool not only helps you to professionally manage a collection of different GTLD and internationalized domain names, but will also help you undertake a wide range of domain name management tasks and can act as your domain registrar to make sure all steps are always taken to secure that vital online identity that is so important for business success. Poor domain name management can cause severe damage to a business, say if a title is allowed to lapse and is picked up by a competitor. We’ll help you avoid this!

Private Domain Registration Option
If confidentiality is key, then private domain registration is available. What is private domain registration? Well, it’s usually easy for anyone to find out who owns a domain name, if that information is generally available. However, there are many business circumstances, where it makes sound sense to have the name registered privately. If your domain would benefit from private registration, say to keep the ownership identity out of the reach of competitors, then our SITE123 team can help you secure the confidentiality you need.

Arranging Domain Transfer
A very frequently asked question by business owners or managers who are eager to use our superb hosting packages, templates and so much more is: "Can I transfer my current domain name and bring it with me so that I can make use of all your services that are so superior to my current host?" Our helpful team will quickly assist as you transfer your domain and then you can enjoy the true SITE123 experience.

Domain Support
What is DNS? Another regular question. It’s a comprehensive Domain Name System specially designed to quickly answer any questions and provide the complete professional support you require during or after the choosing, registration or transfer of your domain name(s). Our SITE123 DNS helps support your domain choices and works quickly to solve any problems or deal with any anxieties. You can message, email or chat with us whenever you need to. You’re welcome!