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Logo Tools

Display your business logo on your website with pride! SITE123's built-in tools help you ensure that your logo will always look perfect. Try it out!

Cropping Tool

SITE123 provides a crop tool for any image where you can adjust the visible parts of your logo image and make your logo look professional. You can tweak the boundaries of any logo image you use until it fits perfectly into your design.

Website Logo Size Slider

SITE123 enables you to easily adjust the size of your logo within your header. You do not need to worry about the size of the logo image you upload - it will be automatically adjusted to the right dimensions and then can be adjusted in scope within an acceptable range. The logo slider is simple and easy to use, allowing you to scale your logo within your header in mere moments to create a professional looking logo.

Header Size Adjustments

You can not only adjust your logo size directly, but indirectly change it by being able to change your overall header size. Within the Design section of your header, you can choose between three header sizes that expand everything in the header, including your logo, allowing for additional logo customization.

Use Icon As A Logo

Even if you don't have your own logo prepared, SITE123 has you covered. You can upload one of hundreds of free icons provided by us and use that as a logo for your website. We offer logos of all kinds of sizes and topics, letting you choose one that fits your website so you can continue your site building process.

Select Logo Style And Font Size

You can create a logo that has different styles, from a simple image, to image and text, to only text, based on what you need. If you go with a logo that has text, you can adjust the text font to any of the many available fonts for maximum customization! Convenience and care is what SITE123 prides itself on, and making your logo look just right is something we want you to have as you design your website.

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