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Making a memorable and successful blog is the goal of any serious serious blogger. SITE123 provides an effective blog tool that lets you create a blog.

It takes a lot to make a truly successful blog. We help by giving you tools that let you do that. Posting regular, reliable, and compelling content is what will get people reading your blog, and SITE123 uses an organized and easy-to-use blog system to help you post new articles regularly. This lets you as a user focus on content while not having to deal with many of the technical aspects of blogging. You can have your website automatically adapt to mobile platforms while you make fast, easy corrections while writing your blog posts, giving you the piece of mind you need when creating your content.

Create your online blog and make sure your voice is heard on the internet. Post regular, well-researched content and deliver real value to your readers with SITE123!


Blog Templates

Take advantage of SITE123's excellent list of blog templates to make a blog. SITE123 offers excellent blogging templates that let users focus on their content. Content is what makes a blog successful - focusing on content will make your blog succeed. Choose your blog template and get started today!

Comment System

Create interesting discussions online with your blog. SITE123's comment system is made for users who want to get people talking. Having an active audience is the second half of what makes any blog successful. Try out SITE123's blog comment system and get your audience talking about online now!

Auto-Confirm Comments

Set your blog comments to auto-confirm and let the conversations flow. SITE123 lets you set auto-confirmation of comments - this is a huge time saver as it frees you from having to monitor all chats. This comes at the price of monitoring, so choose what is best for you. Get people talking today!

Reply To A Comment

Talk with your blog readers and learn about what they think. SITE123's comment reply tool gets you talking easily with your readers. Using this tool, you can talk with your clients and get them as interested as possible in your subject matter while learning about them. Start the conversations now!

Schedule Blog Posts

Write as many blog posts as you want and then schedule them for later release. SITE123 gives you this great option with the schedule blog posts tool, letting you choose the exact date and time your blog posts will be published! You can write and rewrite posts to perfect your message. Try it today!


Let your clients use RSS to more easily follow your blog. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is how you can distribute a list of updates about your blog to a large number of people. People use programs that organize RSS feeds for easy reading. This is a powerful tool - use it and watch your blog grow!

Comment Using Facebook And Disqus

Improve your blog by allowing comments from Facebook and Disqus. SITE123 users have the option of using the Facebook and Disqus blog comment systems. These major social platforms are designed around spreading your message and improving the SEO of your content. Take advantage of these tools today!

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