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Convert your Store page into a multi-section page

2023-08-08 Store

Now, you have the ability to set your Store page as a multi-section page. This means you can create an Online Store page and add various sections such as testimonials, about, promo designs, and more. This feature will significantly improve your store's navigation and design, allowing you to include all the relevant information about your store on the Store page.

Online Store New Flow

2023-08-08 Store

If you are running an online store, in most cases, this is the core of your website. We have made changes to the flow to make it easier for you to manage and navigate your store.

With the addition of an online store page on your website, a new "Store" tab will be added to the editor menu. From this tab, you can now manage all of your store settings, including catalog, products, tax, shipping, coupons, and more.

The Store "page" is now dedicated solely to managing the display of your store on your website, such as displaying Categories, New Arrivals, and more. Also, when you have a store, you can add different sections of your store such as "New Arrival" " Categories" and more, as separate sections through the "Add New Page" button.

Customers Tab: See Details, Last Orders, Income, and more.

2023-08-01 Store Schedule Booking

A new "customers" tab has been added to all the tools that enable order reception, including Online Store, Schedule Booking, Events, and more. With this tab, you can easily view all the orders made by a customer, along with their details, income, and more. The page gathers orders from your entire website and organizes them into sections based on the tool type.

Furthermore, you now have the option to send messages directly to customers from this tab. This is a fantastic way to nurture relationships with returning customers and even offer them new products directly.

CRM Tool For Your Website

2023-08-01 Editor Pages

You now have the ability to communicate directly with your customers from your website's dashboard. You can answer incoming emails and handle all your communication from one place, eliminating the need to log into your email to reply.

This tool is accessible on all pages where interactions can be made with your customers, such as "contact us" pages, "online store" orders, and more.

This fantastic new feature saves you time and allows you to manage all of your business communication directly from your website's dashboard.

Add Branding to Your Client Zone

2023-08-01 Client Zone Editor

When your customers log in to their client zone on your website, they will see the default names of the pages from which they ordered, such as "Store," "Events," "Schedule Booking," and more.

Now, you can enhance your branding by customizing those default names (Labels). This allows you to display what you want your clients to see, for example, "Best Clothes Store," "The Conference Gathering," or anything else that empowers your brand.

NEW INTERFACE - AI Tool For Homepage Text

2023-07-31 Editor

When creating your website, you may not always have the right content in mind. To get you started quickly, we have now introduced a new AI tool that generates Homepage Titles for you. This will give you a quick and fresh start, boosting your website-building process.

Customize Your Gallery Background Color

2023-07-31 Gallery Editor

The Gallery page is where you display your work and make a big impression on your customers. You want it to have a perfect look as it's a key part of your website. This is why we have added a new option for you to set its background color so that it can stand out as a well-designed section on your website.

Use Our AI Tool to Create Your Content

2023-07-31 Editor Pages

On services, testimonials, FAQs, Team, Restaurant Menu, blogs, and articles, you can now generate new content for items such as a list of services, FAQs, new dishes offered in your restaurant, testimonials, blogs, and more, using the integrated AI tool. This can be done either from the Items page or directly from the editor.

When generating a blog post or an article, you will have the option to preview the content before posting it.

Separated Brand Tab On Your Store

2023-07-31 Store

We have separated the Brand section from the "Options & Attributes" tab, creating a new dedicated tab to manage the brands on your online store. This change allows for fast and easy navigation when managing your store.

Tagging Tool for Incoming Messages, Orders, and More!

2023-07-31 Editor Store

As your business receives incoming messages and orders, you may need a simple way to categorize them. For example, you might want to assign them to specific team members or prioritize them based on internal processes. Say goodbye to papers and manual lists because our new "Tagging Tool" is here!

With this tool, you can create different tags to easily manage and document your messages and orders, all from your website's dashboard. No more hassle – now everything is organized and accessible. You can even filter messages and orders by tags for seamless management.

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