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Auto-Confirm Comments

SITE123 lets you set auto-confirmation of comments - this is a huge time saver. This comes at the price of monitoring, so choose what is best for you!

You have an important option when setting up our comment system in SITE123 - you can manually approve each comment users want to make, or set your blog to auto-confirm all incoming comments. This is great when you are growing your personal blog. Auto-confirmation of comments is a huge time saver as it frees you from having to monitor all incoming chats. This is excellent if your blog is growing and you need to focus your energies on content and replying to your content! Using the auto-confirmation tool comes at the price of monitoring - so you want to be sure to spend at least a little time reviewing the comments that have been made to make sure they are relevant to your topic and contributing to the discussion. SITE123's system helps you make your comment system more efficient so you focus on making you blog better and growing your subscriber base!

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