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Upload a share image that will appear on social media when your website is shared. SITE123 gives you this great way of branding your business!

Make a good first impression of your website whenever someone shares it on social media. Do it by setting up nice image sharing. When you make the decision to create a website, all you want is a page with a large number of views, where everyone knows your services, products and what you do. You want your work to be recognized, accessed, and admired. Ever wondered how just one image could help you with that? On our platform, it became even easier to set up the way people will perceive you when they see your website link on social media. You can do that by setting up your image sharing preferences. When someone uses image sharing and shares your website on social media, for example, Facebook, the platform automatically crawls for an image from your website so they can show it along with your link. SITE123 allows you to upload a share image, that is, one that will appear whenever someone shares your website using a share button or other options. This single action will cause a much nicer first impression on people and therefore convert more visitors and make more sales. Just add the tool to your page, prepare that sensational photo and... done! A chain formed. Each customer that shares your website using a share button takes you to a huge range of possible new clients and so on.

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