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Min/Max Order Limit

This tool lets you specify that certain products can only be bought in a specific minimum or maximum quantity. This is useful when selling goods in large volumes. 

The Minimum / Maximum Order Limit feature is an option that allows a specific product to only be bought in specific quantities, between acceptable minimum and/or maximum boundaries. This lets you sell bulk goods at quantities and rates that are profitable to sell, or restrict single users from buying out a whole stock of a good. For example, you could limit the order to buy or limit the order to sell a specific kind of toothbrush, due to the fact they are so common or because you only have a limited stock to sell. Using this min/max order limit tool is a great way to make sure sales of bulk goods remain profitable and/or that orders do not exceed the ability of your business to ship them, taking care of multiple potential issues all with one useful tool.

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