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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a website template?

A website template is a pre-designed layout that a person can use to create a framework for their own content.

What are the advantages of using a template for my website?

Templates are great to start a website with, as they provide a structure that you can start designing from. This is much faster and easier than having to do everything yourself, like with a custom-coded html website.

Can I edit my template later?

Yes you can! You can edit a template at any time, and change its design to something completely different. You can do this before, during, or after publishing to suit your company business.

I couldn’t find the right template - what should I do?

If you are not finding the right template for you, please click the blue “Need help?” button in the editor. This will open our 24/7 live chat support. Talk to our agents about what you need and they can help you find a template that suits your needs. If they can’t find what you need, then let them know what kind of template you want. They will speak with our development team and we will working on creating templates suited for your type of business!

Can I change the design of the template?

Yes you can. Any template design with a little work can be changed to be completely different. Adjusting the features necessary to alter your templates can help you generate beautiful websites with modern designs! You can even design websites made to be app landing pages.

Can I download the template?

No. All SITE123 templates are proprietary designs we provide for our customers to use at their convenience. This also applies for websites made with the SITE123 service.

Do you have templates for online shops?

Yes we do! If you want to check out templates suitable online shops, please go to the SITE123 website and click START HERE. Follow the brief instructions and then make your Ecommerce website. Alternatively, you can choose from different kinds of Ecommerce templates. There you can choose from among the many options available for different business portfolios.

Are the templates responsive?

Yes, all SITE123 templates and websites are free responsive content, and will show beautifully on any mobile device. You can also easily integrate mobile apps into your design for extra utility for your modern business!

Will I need to pay for using a template?

No, they are free! All web templates are free to use indefinitely. If you ever want to upgrade to a premium package to add more features, you can view our pricing page to pick the right package for you. This is optional, however, and we encourage that users make their website for free first before they consider upgrading their package.

Do you have templates in other languages?

Yes we do! Our in-house translation tool allows you to translate any template into dozens of different languages. These translations have been checked for accuracy by professional translators. Try it out today!

I don’t know coding or design - Will I be able to use those templates?

Yes you will! SITE123’s editor is designed for people who don’t know how to code or design a website. You can use these templates as a base model and create beautiful, professional looking websites in a short time.

Can I use templates that aren’t designed specifically for my business?

Of course you can! All of our templates are there to be used for your convenience. If you are creating a beauty and fashion website but specifically like the design of an architectural template, use it! Our templates are like tools made for you to personalize and customize to suit your own needs.

I tried a few templates out and want to change to another one. How do I do that?

That is very easy. All you have to do is make another free website and then choose the new template that you wanted to use. This lets you make use of virtually any template you want to create a website that perfectly suits what you need.

Can I add custom plugins to my template?

Yes you can! SITE123 offers dozens of third party plugins that can greatly expand what your site can do. To install them, go to SETTINGS in your website editor and check through our preview list. If you have any questions about installation, talk to our 24/7 live chat support team any time and they will be happy to help.

Will there be new templates released soon?

Yes! SITE123 is constantly developing and adding new templates to satisfy the interests and needs of our customers. If you have a template idea or topic that you want developed, please share it with our online support and they’ll be happy to assist.

How do I get help designing my template?

If you are ever confused or need help working on a template, click the “Need help?” button in the editor and you can talk to our excellent 24/7 live chat support. Our agents are here to help you with any issue you have, so feel free to talk to us whenever you need us!

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