Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

With increasing numbers of different viewing platforms available, responsive web design delivers a cohesive vision of your business through each of them. Having a mobile web design for your website means that your business will not only be open 24/7 but will also look perfect for everyone on any device.

Responsive design also helps your website rank better on Google as their engine has a preference for sites that have a responsive web design over the ones that don't. That means that it's not only how your site will look on different devices but also if and where it will be shown. SEO is a very important thing that any website owner needs to take into consideration.

Well, now that you know the importance of having a mobile friendly website, check what you can do with SITE123's responsive web design tools:

Display to Mobile 
Allow SITE123 to Adjust Your Display to Mobile
Many websites are still designed for desktop viewing primarily and they often function poorly when delivered to the increasingly advanced mobile website technology people use in their daily lives. Slow-loading, content-overloaded traditional sites simply lose business rather than encourage customers to buy. Thanks to SITE123’s free website builder mobile version, we can offer you the chance to be user-friendly in a place that is becoming increasingly vital to the success of your business. Your business website needs to be visually ready to be quickly and easily viewed across all mobile platforms. However, a truly responsive website will go much further by allowing users to be fully and instantly interactive with the content.

Different Devices
Preview Button for Different Devices
Want to look perfect in any situation? It's time to go cross-platform and conquer your audience with a seamlessly responsive SITE123 free website. Simply use the preview button and see how your website looks on PC, tablet and mobile.

With SITE123 you can now Make a website that fits all screen resolutions and devices.