Responsive Web Design

Give your users an optimal viewing experience with perfect responsive web design on a desktop, smartphone or tablet. SITE123's responsive web design system adapts every website to fit on all devices large and small. It's time to go cross-platform. Check out SITE123's responsive web design today.

SEO Tools

Use SEO tools to deliver a perfectly SEO optimized website. You can use SITE123's tools to set metatags, view your sitemap, set 301 redirects, and use webmaster connections to make your website ideally suited to bringing in traffic to your website and expanding your online presence. Learn how here!

Sell Online

Create an online store with SITE123 and make sure your business is always open. Add products quickly and start selling on a global scale. With the ability to manage your orders and products and adjust your store's design, you can make the perfect store suited for your business. Learn more here!

Free Hosting

Take advantage of free web hosting and watch your website work smoothly and safely. SITE123's free hosting service is on secured CDN (Content Distribution Network) servers to ensure excellent functionality and speed throughout the world for your sites. Learn about the free hosting we offer today.

Free Website Domain

Establish your online identity by choosing a unique domain name! SITE123 offers free domain registration with any purchase of an annual package. You can also search available domains online with our handy domain name search tool. Make your website a major presence in online search engines today!


Make sure your websites are protected from online attack! SSL/HTTPS Encryption is built into every SITE123 website, providing cohesive protection against online dangers. Whether you are on a subdomain or a custom domain, your site will be protected by the internet standard of online security.

Email Accounts

Show your clients your professionalism by managing a mailbox under your own domain name - this shows your online independence. SITE123 offers free email accounts with our advanced, professional, and gold packages. Learn about our free email accounts today and set up your own professional email!

24/7 Website Support

Excellent tech support can make all the difference. Contact SITE123 via our 24/7 online chat support team, use our support center, or email us. Our live support is available in over a dozen languages and every feature has a tutorial. We are always here to help you so come talk to us today!

Unlimited Web Pages

Build a website without having to worry about how many pages you can have. On SITE123 there is space for all of your content. Our servers allow clients to have an unlimited amount of webpages, allowing for small to massive designs and everything between. Start your website and add some pages today!

Free Image & Icons Library

Use our free images, icons, and videos to fill your website. SITE123 gives you a free gallery full of media that you can use to make your website look impressive and professional. Media can be added to any page to create the look you want for your website. Check out our free gallery tool today!

Multilingual Website

Make multi-language websites in a few clicks. SITE123 gives its clients a manual website translator, adapted SEO for multilingual sites, and flag icons to represent national languages and dialects. Use our translator to make your website in the languages you want and enhance your business abroad.

Personal Blog

Create a free blog with SITE123 and share your thoughts with the world! We offer blog templates, a built-in comment system, scheduling blog posts, reply to blog comments, and an embeddable RSS link. These tools let users create a blog just the way they want it. Learn more about our blog tool here.

Schedule Booking

Add your services and let your clients book their appointments with you using the schedule booking tool. You can offer multiple services, create different categories, host group and personal services, and more! SITE123 gives you this tool to suit all your scheduling needs, so make sure to use it!


Sell tickets for your events online! Customize your events with SITE123 by selling tickets with an online shopping cart, creating different types of tickets, offering coupons, using custom registration forms, and more! Get your audience ready to enjoy your events faster and easier than ever!

Restaurant Reservations

Accept table reservations on your website! Your customers can use SITE123's reservations tool to confirm reservations, set table size, set grace periods, set your restaurant's address and operating hours, and manage your reservation orders! Take advantage of this powerful tool for restaurants today!

Website Design Tools

Attract the attention of internet users and wow them with eye-catching web design. At SITE123, we give you ready-made color pallets and highly customized website layouts and structures that let you make beautiful websites with ease. Take advantage of these built-in tools and make your website today!

Logo Resize Tools

Display your business logo on your website with pride! SITE123's built-in tools let you crop your logo, change the logo size, change the size of the header, use an icon as your logo, and pick logo and font styles. Use this set of built-in tools to ensure that your logo will always look perfect.

Custom Form Builder

Make fantastic custom forms on your website with an easy-to-use form builder tool. SITE123's form builder gives you the options to include whatever you want, including text fields, email fields, uploadable files, and more. Create forms on your website and the data you need from your users today!

Image Galleries

Create a stunning media gallery to show off your talent. SITE123 galleries let you add images and videos, create categories, upload media in bulk, set titles and descriptions, and custom URLs. We provide you what you need to make your website beautiful so make use of our great gallery tool today!

One Page / Multi-Page Option

Choose the right type of website for you with our one page/multi-page option. SITE123 lets you pick between having a one page/landing page website or a multi-page website. Your site will look modern and professional with SITE123. Make your choice today and start creating a beautiful website!

Video Tool

Use some beautiful video to enhance the quality of your website. SITE123 offers many options for using video, including video backgrounds, video in the gallery, embedded youtube/vimeo videos, single video pages, and a free video library! Make your website shine with some well-placed video today!

Email Marketing

Promote your business with a great newsletter package using proven mailing list tools. SITE123's email marketing tools let you stay in touch with your customers and win new ones. With a mailing list, you can easily keep up your clients. Market to your customers today with our email marketing tools.

Professional Fonts

Use the best free fonts available and give your website a special sparkle. SITE123 free website builder offers a collection of terrific free fonts that let you choose a style to suit the message you want for your websites. Browse through our font list and pick the right font for your website today!

Social Media Integration

Grow your online brand and grow your social following by adding your social network links. SITE123 provides advanced social media integration tools so you can easily attach your website to all of your social media accounts. Establish the connections and make your website shine online right now!


Use a favicon to stand out from the crowd and be remembered by your most recurring visitors. The favicon, or favorite icon, is the most memorable symbol people will associate with your website. Design and upload you favicon to SITE123 to make your website more recognizable to your site visitors.

Third-party Plugins

Implement website plugins such as live chat, analytic tools, marketing tools, and webmaster tools. These 3rd party plugins easily connect to SITE123 and will greatly enhance the features and functionality of your website. Look for your preferred plugins and integrate them in no time at all.

Restaurant Menu

Make an excellent menu for your restaurant website! SITE123's restaurant menu page lets you bring new clients and potential customers with a great design and useful features. Take advantage of the visibility the internet has to offer and expect new clients for your restaurant in no time at all!

Musician Tools

Build your artist's website with great musician tools and spread your music worldwide. The SITE123 musician tools include uploading/downloading audio files, bandsintown integration, soundcloud integration, adding events/tour dates, music blogs, and selling your own music. Check it out today!

Download App Tool

Let your visitors download apps directly from your website. SITE123's download apps tool makes it so you can click and download apps in seconds. Unite the power of your site's publicity with the utility of an application to make a perfect solution for your business. Learn about it and try it today.

Google Map Integration Tool

Embed Google maps to give your visitors a visual representation of your business’ location. On SITE123, you can embed google maps on your page in very easily and quickly. Use the google maps app and increase the number of visitors at your local business by adding google maps to your website.

Social Share Image

Upload an image that will appear on social media when your website is shared. This single action will create a better first impression on people and therefore help convert more visitors and make more sales. SITE123 gives you this great way of branding your business so make sure you try it today!

Cookie Consent Plugin

Make sure you let your visitors know you are collecting information about their preferences by using the cookie consent plugin. SITE123 provides this feature so our clients living in countries where these notifications are required abide by the law. Activate the tool and notify your clients today.

Website Password

Protect websites you want to keep private with password protection. This SITE123 tool allows the site's creator to make a password so no one except those who have been given it can gain access the site. This is a great way to keep your web experience private. Learn more about it right here.

Under Construction Page

Set your website under construction and your visitors will see a "Coming Soon" message when they browse the website. This handy SITE123 tool lets people know your website will be released for public viewing once complete. Try it out today and build the anticipation for your completed website!

Dropdown Menus

Organize your web pages with dropdown menu tools for better navigation on your website. SITE123 users can move the mouse over the menu items and select each of the menu options they want to edit any time they want. Organize your pages the right way and give your visitors a great user experience.

Language Selection

Choose from over 80 different languages to build your website. SITE123 is a multilingual platform where you can select your local language. You do not need to get lost in an unfamiliar language and will understand how to design your website. Pick your language and start working on your site today!

Careers Page

Create and advertise jobs that you are hiring for with our simple and effective careers page. With SITE123's Jobs page, you can receive CV's online, manage the accepted CV's status, check insights and more. Make a simple and effective page for finding and hiring the right people for the right jobs.