Responsive Web Design

Give your users an optimal viewing experience with perfect responsive web design on a desktop, smartphone or tablet. It's time to go cross-platform.

Free Hosting

With SITE123’s free website builder and hosting, your site will work smoothly and safely. The free hosting service is done on a secured server to ensure perfect functionality and speed.

SEO Tools

SITE123 is here with its powerful SEO tools, ready to deliver a perfectly SEO-optimized website.

Free Image & Icons Library

Don’t worry, if your graphical content is too scarce to fill a website. SITE123 offers you free stock images and icons to make your website impressive and professional-looking.

Website Design Tools

Attract the attention of internet users and make them stick to your website by presenting them a very eye-catching webdesign.

One Page / Multi-Page Option

Whether you need a one page website or a multi-page, your website will look modern and trendy with SITE123 website builder tools.


Would you like to share your thoughts and ideas with the world? Tell all your opinions, give tips, teach some things? Show that your company is a leader and specialist in your segment? If so, you need to have blog sites!

Unlimited Web Pages

Build a website without having to worry about how many pages you can have. On SITE123, there’s space for all your content.

Video Tool

SITE123 offer many options for you to use video to enhance the final quality of your website. Use our video tool and enjoy the results!

Email Marketing

We make it easy to keep in touch with your audience! Promote your business to maximum effect with this great newsletter package using SITE123’s proven mailing list tools.

24/7 Website Support

With SITE123 you get full tech support along the way. Contact us via our 24/7 online chat support team, use our support center or email us. We are always here for you!

Professional Fonts

Check out how each part of your website should be aligned with content in terms of fonts. Use the best free fonts available and give your website a special sparkle.

Domain Names

Establish your online identity and address by choosing a unique domain name.

Email Accounts

Present a professional impression by managing a Mailbox Under Your Domain Name. Get your free email accounts offered with our different plans.

Image Galleries

Whether you’re an artist or a photographer, a stunning image gallery is what you need to exhibit your talent. SITE123 galleries will provide you exactly what you need.

Social Media Integration

Social media integration on your website is the key to your online presence success. Promote your online brand and grow your social following by adding your social network links.


Use a favicon to stand out from the crowd and be remembered by your most recurring visitors.

Third-party Plugins

Implement website plugins such as live chat, analytic tools, webmaster tools and other. Look for your preferred plugin and integrate it in no time.

Restaurant Menu

Create a restaurant website for your business, take advantage of the visibility the internet has to offer and expect new clients shortly.

Online Store

Create your online store and make sure your business is always open. Add products quickly and start selling on a global scale.

Musician Tools

Build your Artist's website using SITE123's great musician tools and spread your music worldwide.

Download App Tool

Let your visitors download app directly from your website. Whether if it's on App Store or Google Play, click and download in seconds.

Google Map Integration Tool

Embed Google map to give your visitors a visual representation of your business’ location.

Social Share Image

Upload an image that will appear on social media when your website is shared. This Image sharing is a great way of branding your business on all platforms.

Cookie Consent Plugin

let your visitors know that your website uses cookies by activating the cookie consent tool and showing them a clear message at the bottom of your website.

Website Password

If you ever wanted to limit access to specific visitors only, Password protection is the answer. This addition is an excellent way to keep your site "Private."

Under Construction Page

While you build your website, set website under construction and your visitors will see a "Coming Soon" message when they browse the website domain address.

Dropdown Menus

Organize your web pages with dropdown menu tool to better navigation on your website. Group similar pages under one place and give your visitors great user experience.

Language Selection

SITE123 is a multilingual platform, offers 69 different languages to build your website. Just signup and choose your local language.

Multilingual Website

With SITE123 Multilingual Website Tool you can create multi-language websites in a just a few clicks. This is a one-of-a-kind solution.