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Email Accounts

Manage a mailbox under your own domain name! SITE123 offers free email accounts with our advanced, professional, and gold packages. Try it today.

Free Email Accounts

SITE123 gives you the ability to leave all non-professional emails in the past and enter the world of corporate email. All this for free, simple and professional. It is one step closer to success. With SITE123's free email accounts and email service, you will be emphasizing your brand as your business will be stamped on the email itself. Whenever you send email messages, it will show your new custom email address. All of this is provided with SSL encryption so you enjoy complete virus protection against any online threats.

Manage A Mailbox Under Your Domain Name

With your website, you will do many online negotiations, and having an address created on an email website can cause you to lose the credibility of your business in front of your customer. It is so important to have an email account with your own domain. People who receive an email from your business will automatically remember your address. That way they will always be able to contact you. You will have even more customers and much more credibility! SITE123 is here to give our users the best free email services we can provide.

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