Multilingual Website

Multilingual Website

With SITE123 Multilingual Website Tool you can create multi-language websites in a just a few clicks. This is a one-of-a-kind solution. 

Website Translator

  • Translate your website automatically - You can translate all your website text automatically using top translation engines such as Google Translate and Bing Translate.
  • Personal translation - You can do a personal translation with a unique and easy-to- use translation interface.
  • Export/Import - Of course, you can export your website translation file and send it to a professional translator and then bring them back up quickly.
  • Dialects Translation - SITE123 Multilingual Website Tool can duplicate your site to every dialect you choose, for example, British English, American English, Scottish English, etc.
  • RTL Languages Recognition - SITE123 Multilingual Website Tool knows how to create a perfectly translated website also for Right-To-Left Languages.

Multilingual Website Translator
SEO for Multilingual Websites

SEO for Multilingual Websites

  • Every language gets a separate URL! This means that every language can get a different domain (Examples:,, which will be fully scanned by Google and other search engines.
  • Href-Lang Meta Tags will be embedded to every page on your site (on the main language and on the duplicate languages).
  • Sitelink.xml that is scanned by Google and other search engines will be built automatically for every language. 
  • The language menu will be built automatically on your website. .
More to Know

  • Flags - It is easy to add flags for each language on your website
  • Multilingual Design - With the SITE123 Multilingual Website Tool your design will maintain a professional and uniform structure...
More to Know About Multilingual Website