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Domain Redirect

SITE123 gives users domain redirect options so several domain names can all forward to one primary domain. Redirect your domain names today!

Redirecting domain names is how users can assign several domain names to all forward to one primary domain, making it easier for internet users to find their way to your one website! This is so useful because it can drive a lot more traffic towards your website. If this traffic ends up converting by purchasing goods and services or clicking your ads, this can pay dividends in the long run for your online business! This is why domain name registration can be so important for your website. Our redirect tool means you can point as many domains as you own to the first domain you use for your site. The benefits of this obvious, as it provides more pathways for the billions of internet users out there to find your website. Redirecting domains can be thought of like a multi-lane highway, with all lanes narrowing down to one lane. No matter which lane people choose, it leads to your single website! Having your domain name under several different extensions, like .com, .net, .org, .biz, etc. is a great way to make sure your domain name is exclusively yours. If people use the wrong domain extension, they’ll still inevitably end up at your website. This extra traffic and the potential conversion it can bring can be worth a lot to any growing business. The right domains, redirected, can pay for themselves! Another important thing to do is to purchase the common misspelling of your domain and forward that to your site! Once you have your domain name, think of the common ways people can misspell it. Claim those typo domain names and redirect them as well!

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