One Page / Multi-Page Option

One Page / Multi-Page Option

Get to choose whether you would like multipages on your websites or just single page websites.

When you are looking to create a website, whether for your company, ecommerce or for you to share your ideas with the world, it is very important that your page is very attractive and easy to use, no matter if it is with multiple pages or with a one page website. This will make sure your audience is always satisfied. For this, it is crucial that you choose the ideal format for your goal. Here, this is possible!

"At SITE123, we give you the option of choosing a multi page site or a one page website."

At SITE123, we give you the option of choosing a multi page site or a one page website. You can have a website where all your information and posts meet on just a one page website, or divide the content into several different tabs, directing the customer to the information they want to access on another page.

One page websites are widely used by companies because they contain all the information that the institution wants to show the customer easily and quickly. Just by scrolling down through a one page website you can view the whole site, it's really amazing!

Ecommerces, blogs and personal websites usually prefer the multipage format, because it offers a multitude of possibilities of sectorization by themes or subjects. If you don’t have much content to publish, just stick to one page websites. If you plan to have a large number of publications, photo galleries and videos, multi page is certainly the right model for you.