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Edit the Numbered Features Page
Edit and manage your website's Numbered Features page: Add, position, or modify items for an optimal visitor experience.
Edit the Jobs Page
Learn how to showcase and manage job positions on your organization's website, including setting up a jobs page, customizing application forms, and sorting applications.
Edit the Blog Page
Learn to manage your Blog Page: Add/edit entries, schedule posts, use AI for content, adjust SEO, handle comments, set up subscriptions, and more for engaging website readers.
Edit the Donate Page
Learn to set up a donation page on your website with this guide: add pages, edit details, set donation goals, add images, customize forms, manage payments, and track progress.
Edit the Pricing Table Page
Learn to list service prices on your website: Add, edit, manage pricing tables, set amounts, periods, mark popular services, and configure payment options, shipment, taxes, and coupons.
Check the Events Tickets List
Learn how to check your event tickets list in the Website Editor: Edit the Events page, click Tickets tab, view orders and check-in status.
Edit the Schedule Booking Page
Learn how to set up a booking page for services, manage schedule, add prices, create notifications, set cancellation periods, and more for efficient client booking management.
Edit the Restaurant Reservations Page
Learn how to add and edit a Restaurant Reservation page, set booking details, operating hours, and manage reservations for specific dates and times.
Edit the Forum Page
Learn how to create, manage a forum, add categories. Guide on editing forum pages, appointing managers, adding images, and tracking forum activity with insights.
Edit the Press Page
Learn how to add, edit, and manage press articles on your website, including adjusting titles, descriptions, and images, for better SEO and visitor engagement.
Edit the Twitter Tweets Page
Learn how to add and share specific Twitter tweets on your website using the Website Editor for engaging content.
Create a Landing Page
Learn to create a landing page for products or events with a step-by-step guide on design, adding call-to-action buttons, and optimizing for mobile.
Edit the Portfolio Gallery Page
Learn to showcase skills with a dynamic portfolio: Editing, adding content, sections, SEO settings, and access control. From gallery creation to client info and layout tips.
Edit the FAQ Page
Learn how to effectively use an FAQ page to address common queries, add/edit FAQs, and leverage an AI tool for quick content creation on your business website.
Add a Multi-Section Page to the Website
Learn to add a multi-section page to your website using the Website Editor: Add pages like About and Contact under one page, edit sections, and customize SEO.
Edit the Image Comparison Page
Learn to compare images easily, edit content, layout, and add items on the Image Comparison Page for vivid "before and after" presentations.
Edit the Charts Page
Learn how to edit the Charts page in the Website Editor: add new items, select chart types, enter data, and customize your charts for your site.
Edit the Online Courses Page
Learn how to create, edit, and manage online courses, including course info, pricing, and sections. Discover how to customize access, registration forms, payment methods, and SEO settings for your courses.
Edit the File Manager Page
Learn how to edit and add new files for download on your website's File Manager page, including uploading, categorizing, and file size limits.
Add the Custom Code Page
Edit Custom Code Page to embed iFrame: In Website Editor, find Custom Code page, click Edit, add code, set custom height.
Restore a Deleted Page
Learn how to restore deleted pages within the last 30 days to their last updated state using the Website Editor. Follow simple steps for page recovery.
Edit the Download App Page
Learn how to edit the Download App Info on your website to let visitors download your app from online services. Add the description and download links.
Edit the Countdown Page
Edit your website's Countdown Page: Add or select page, set type, date, time, and completion message in the Website Editor.
Show/Hide a Page from the Menu, Homepage, Footer, and Mobile
Learn how to hide/show pages in the Website Editor for Menu, Homepage, Footer, and from users or mobile devices, including special conditions for Homepage and Promo pages.
Edit the Content Page
Learn how to add, edit, and optimize content pages on your website, including tips on layout selection and customizing text and images for mobile and desktop views.
Edit the About Page
Learn to add and customize an About page on your website, edit text, use AI for content, add images/videos, call-to-action, and change layouts.
Edit the Gallery Page
Learn to add and manage media on your website: upload images/videos, categorize in galleries, share on social, and control downloads. Enhance with SEO titles and thumbnails.
Edit the Custom Form Builder Page
Learn to create and customize forms for your website: edit pages, form options like text fields and email, manage steps, settings for submissions, and tailor thank you messages.
Edit the Timeline Page
Create and edit a timeline page on your website by adding timeline markers with titles, dates, and descriptions. Customize colors, icons, and add unique pages for detailed stories.
Edit the Single Video Page
Learn how to add a Single Video Page to your website, including ways to edit the video, customize display size, video type, and add descriptions.
Edit the Promo Page
Learn to add, edit, and customize Promo pages with images, videos, and call-to-action elements using our guide, including AI tool tips for engaging content.
Edit the Agenda Page
Learn how to edit the Agenda page in the Website Editor, including adding, positioning, and editing items like Agenda Name, Time, Title, and Location.
Add a Slogan to the Page
Learn how to add a catchy slogan to your website pages underneath titles for a memorable brand signature, with a guide on adding via the Website Editor.
Rename, Move, Duplicate, Delete a Page
Learn how to rename, reorder, duplicate, and delete website pages easily in the Website Editor, plus restrictions for Homepage and e-commerce pages.
Enable Google AdSense on the Blog Page
Learn how to enable Google AdSense on your website's blog pages to serve targeted ads by connecting your site to AdSense and adjusting settings for ad placement.
Change the Page Layout
Learn how to customize page layouts on your website with this guide. Choose from a variety of beautiful layouts and adjust settings for your goals.
Add a Category to the Website Menu
Learn how to add a new category to your website menu and manage pages under it, including creating and organizing pages within the category.
Add a Page
Easily add diverse pages like About, Contact, Services, Gallery, & E-commerce to your website with ready-made templates and tools for quick creation.
Add an External Link to the Website Menu
Learn how to add an external link to your website menu by entering a valid URL and setting the link target type, enhancing navigation for visitors.
Edit the Events Page
Learn how to manage your events efficiently: edit pages, add new events, manage ticket sales, set up email reminders, and more with your event page guide.
Edit the Contact Page
Guide on setting up a contact page: How to add/edit contact info, include social links, customize form fields, and select page layouts for better engagement.
Edit the Team Page
Learn to introduce your team on your website: add/edit members, their info, and generate descriptions with AI. Includes tips on SEO and layout customization.
Edit the Testimonials Page
Learn to showcase client satisfaction by adding, editing testimonials, images, links on your site, & generate custom content using an AI tool.
Edit the Restaurant Menu Page
Learn to create a stunning restaurant menu online: Add dishes, descriptions, prices, use AI for ideas, manage layout and theme for your restaurant's vibe.
Edit the Music Player Page
Learn how to edit and add new items to the Music Page, including artist info, songs, images, and more, using the Website Editor's features.
Add a Bandsintown Page
Discover and list live concerts with Bandsintown app. Add a Bandsintown page to your website for fans to receive notifications of your upcoming shows.
Add a Soundcloud Page
Enhance your website by adding a Soundcloud page for visitors to enjoy original sounds. Follow simple steps in the Website Editor to integrate Soundcloud.
Edit the Features/Services Page
Learn to showcase features/services on your site: Adding pages, managing content, customizing layout, and enhancing SEO. Plus, use AI for quick content generation.
Edit the Articles Page
Learn how to manage, add, and edit articles on your website, utilize AI for content creation, and optimize articles with SEO settings, comments, and related articles features.
Edit the Numbers Counter Page
Learn how to edit and customize the Numbers Counter page on your website to showcase key statistics, including adding new items and icons.
Edit the Percentage Page
Learn how to display stats like returning customers on your site by editing the Percentage Page and adding new items with custom percentages, colors, and descriptions.
Edit the Customers Page
Learn to showcase your business partnerships by adding, editing, and managing a Customer Page on your website, including uploading logos and linking to their social media.
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