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Learn about SITE123's Store and get all the support that you need. We're here 24/7 with live support, or you can search in our support center for guidance.

Check Your Orders
Manage and filter orders on your website via the Orders tab, covering eCommerce to reservations. Features include order tracking, archiving, canceling, and refunding, with options to message customers and export data.
Create Your Ecommerce
Boost business sales by creating an e-commerce store. Easily add products, manage inventory, set payment/shipping methods, and customize your store's design.
Set Shipping
Learn to set shipping regions, methods, and rates on your E-commerce site. This guide covers adding regions, choosing shipping types, and setting up taxes for your online store.
Set Tax
Learn how to adjust tax settings for your e-commerce, events, and booking pages to comply with local laws. Edit tax by region, and choose if prices include tax.
The Abandoned Cart Tool
Boost your sales by setting up abandoned cart reminders for E-commerce, Events, Donate, and Schedule Booking pages. Follow easy steps to encourage visitors to complete their purchases.
Ecommerce Order Form and Other Configurations
Customize your e-commerce store: order form, labels, "thank you" message, return policy, enable reviews, abandoned cart reminders, set measurement units, and more in Website Editor.
Edit Product Options and Attributes
Enhance your e-commerce site by adding product options like color and size, and attributes such as shape and material for customer filtering.
Add and Manage Ecommerce Products
Learn how to add and manage products in your E-commerce store, including categorization, pricing, SEO, related products, customer reviews, product sharing, and sale channels.
Create Coupons
Learn how to create and manage coupons for E-commerce, Events, Pricing, etc., including adding new coupons, setting restrictions, and automatic coupons for special deals.
Dropshipping with Printful
Learn how to effortlessly set up and manage Printful Dropshipping on your SITE123 Ecommerce store, enabling worldwide shipping of your custom designs.
Set Currency and Payment Methods
Learn how to set accepted currencies and payment methods on various website pages including E-commerce and Online Courses to enhance customer purchasing experience.
Edit the Ecommerce Homepage Sections
Learn how to customize your E-commerce homepage by selecting product categories, editing section titles, and rearranging or removing sections for optimal display.
Manage Product Variants and Inventory
Enhance e-commerce management with product variant and inventory tools. Edit availability directly or automate, manage variant stocks, create variant galleries, and add product guides easily.
Edit the Ecommerce Design
Learn how to customize your e-commerce site’s design, from product and categories boxes to product pages and filter toolbars, for an improved user experience.
Edit Ecommerce Categories
Learn how to categorize products on your e-commerce site to improve navigation and visibility. Includes steps on adding, managing categories, and SEO settings for better indexing by search engines.
Order Tracking
Learn how to add tracking numbers, manage shipped items, include URLs, and send shipping confirmation emails to simplify order management.
Manage Customers with the Customer Tab
Manage website customers easily with the Customer tab feature, enabling viewing orders, sending messages, and managing customer details directly.
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