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New Update: Online Store

Online Store Updates

Now you can make much more from your online store! A better design for the shopping cart, store inventory options, related orders tool and more.

Here are the new changes in the store:

Shopping cart tool icon in the menu - Using the shopping cart tool is an essential way for online shoppers to check what they want to buy from your online business. To edit, on the editor click the Design button, then click the Menu Options tab. Under Show Shopping Cart Tool, toggle the switch to on. A shopping cart icon will appear in your header. Click on it and it will open a window showing all contents of the browser's online shopping cart. Even if the shopping cart tool is turned off, once the customer will add a product to the site, he will then see the shopping cart in the menu.

New shopping cart design - We replaced the black shopping cart with a white shopping cart that opens from the side of the screen.

Store inventory - Setting inventory for your products is useful for letting you and your clients know whether products are still available. To edit, in the editor click on Pages - scroll to your store page and click the blue Edit button. Under the Products tab, click the blue edit (pencil icon) button under the product you want to edit. Go to the Inventory tab, and under the dropdown menu choose whether you have the product in stock or not. If you want the system to automatically manage inventory, toggle this option on, then you can enter the amount of the product you have in your inventory and the system will track it as you sell. From now on you can set a specific inventory to a product and once it’s out of stock your customers will not be able to order it anymore. When a product is running out of stock, you will be notified so that you can update the stock again.

Related Products - Displaying related products in your store is a great way to advertise similar products when a client goes to view or buy a specific product in the preview screen. To use this feature, in the editor click on Pages - scroll to your store page and click the blue Edit button. Click the Store settings tab - under Related Products, toggle to either Hide or Show the related products. This will show up to 3 related products under the product a client is viewing when browsing.

Email Receiver for store orders - Editing your email receivers (up to five emails) in your store orders lets you choose different recipients for any orders that come in, such as different department in your business, etc.
To edit, in the editor click on Pages - scroll to your store page and click the blue Edit button. Click the Store settings tab - Under Email Receiver, enter the email addresses you want to receive notifications of new orders. Once done, click save.

Store settings moved into the store page - We removed the E-commerce Settings section from the main Settings tab. Now, E-commerce settings can be found in each sales-oriented page - Each store page, each donate page, each event page, or any other sales-type page. Important: The settings that will be made for a specific page will be the default for all other pages such as currency and payment methods.

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