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Mailboxes Support - SITE123 Support Center

Learn about SITE123's Mailboxes and get all the support that you need. We're here 24/7 with live support, or you can search in our support center for guidance.

Set your Mailbox with Outlook 2016
Learn how to set up your email account with Outlook 2016 for business by forwarding emails to personal Outlook, including IMAP settings and encryption steps.
Log In to Webmail Mailbox
Access your SITE123 Webmail Mailbox: Dashboard > Domain > Mailboxes > Login. Enter username & password on Webmail login page to access emails.
Edit Mailbox Settings
Learn how to edit SITE123 mailbox settings to change the password and forward emails to another mailbox, while keeping a copy of the message.
Edit SITE123 Webmail Mailbox Settings
Learn how to edit SITE123 webmail settings including general, mail, calendar, and advanced options for customization like image backgrounds and email forwarding.
Purchase a Business Mailbox
Learn how to add new mailboxes for your business: Go to Dashboard, select Mailboxes, click New Mail Account, and follow the steps to purchase.
Set SITE123 Mailbox with Outlook 2010
Learn how to forward SITE123 business emails to Outlook 2010: Manually configure settings, select account type, enter server details, and authenticate SMTP.
Set MX Records to SITE123
Set MX records to direct emails to SITE123 mail by logging into your domain panel, removing old MX records, adding new ones with specific servers and priorities. Changes may take 24 hours.
Create a Business Mailbox
Create a professional email with your domain using SITE123. Follow steps in Dashboard, set up account and password, and ensure MX records point to SITE123. Limited to 1GB and 15MB for attachments.
Set SITE123 Mailbox with Gmail
Learn how to set up and manage SITE123 email accounts via Gmail, including sending and receiving emails, with step-by-step instructions.
Set SITE123 Mailbox with Google on Android
Learn how to set up your email on Android with Gmail app: choose POP3/IMAP, enter email & password, and server settings (mail.enter-system.com).
Set SITE123 Mailbox with an Email Software
Learn how to integrate business email with 3rd party software using IMAP or POP3 protocol. Set up IMAP for two-way sync and POP3 for inbox-only sync.
Set SITE123 Mailbox on iPhone
Learn how to set up SITE123 mailbox on iPhone: Open Settings, add account under Passwords & Accounts, choose Other, enter email details, set host to mail.enter-system.com.
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