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Dashboard Support - SITE123 Support Center

Learn about SITE123's Dashboard and get all the support that you need. We're here 24/7 with live support, or you can search in our support center for guidance.

Group Websites
Learn to organize and manage multiple websites easily by grouping them on your Dashboard, including steps on creating a group, moving sites, and managing group access.
Set the Website Under Construction and Limit Access
Learn how to set your website to public, password-protected, under construction, members only, or confirmed members only for restricted access.
Find the Website URL
Locate your website URL in the editor under Domain or on the dashboard. Share your site's link on the internet. Learn about domain names and upgrades.
Duplicate the Website
Learn how to duplicate your website: Access Dashboard, go to Settings, select Duplicate, and confirm. Note: Domain connections aren't duplicated, each needs its own premium plan.
Transfer the Website to Another Account
Easily transfer your website to another account by following steps in the dashboard, ensuring the recipient has a SITE123 account. Join Experts Program for more benefits.
Delete a Website
To delete a website, access Dashboard, click Settings, select Delete, confirm with OK. Your website will be permanently removed.
Check the Website Statistics
Learn how to check website statistics: visit Dashboard, click Settings for Stats, analyze traffic, popular pages, visitor devices, duration, and location for SEO.
The Mailing List Tool
Learn how to add an Email Subscription Field to your website, set up a mailing list, create email campaigns, select templates, customize content, and manage subscriber info for effective email marketing.
Add Contributors to the Website
Learn how to add and manage contributors on your website: granting access, editing permissions, and removing contributors with SITE123’s guide.
Set up Webhooks
Webhooks allow real-time integration between systems. Learn how to add a webhook to your website for invoicing, alerts, and more with a step-by-step guide.
Restore a Deleted Website
Restore a deleted website: Visit My Sites, select Deleted, choose the website, click Settings, then Restore. Confirm to get it back online. Permanent deletions cannot be restored.
Check the Bandwidth Usage
Check and manage your website's bandwidth by following steps on your Dashboard and upgrade if needed to prevent service interruptions.
Check Your Form Messages
Manage form messages: Receive on email & dashboard, filter, reply, export CSV, add tags, change status, delete, and communicate with users effectively.
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