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Account Support - SITE123 Support Center

Learn about SITE123's Account and get all the support that you need. We're here 24/7 with live support, or you can search in our support center for guidance.

Disable/Enable Auto-Renewal
Auto-Renewal feature ensures continuous website operation by eliminating manual renewal hassles. Learn how to enable/disable it for seamless user access.
Subscription and Product Renewal
Subscriptions automatically renew 7 days before expiration to avoid service interruptions. Payments use the last credit card on file, with manual renewal and customer support available.
Edit Your User Profile (Password, Email, Language, etc.)
Learn how to edit your user profile, change your password, email, and account settings like system language and time zone on your dashboard.
Upgrade Your Package to a Higher One
Upgrade your package, keep the same duration, and pay only the difference between your current and new plan. Follow steps via Dashboard to expand features.
Renew Premium Package/Domain/Mailbox
Learn how to renew your website's Premium Package, Domain, or Mailbox via the Dashboard to ensure continuity of your online presence.
Reset Your Login Password
Learn how to reset your SITE123 login password with step-by-step instructions. Access your account by following the password recovery process.
Upgrade Your Website
Upgrade to a Premium Package for advanced features like a custom domain, mailboxes, payment methods, plugins, and more. Follow steps in the dashboard to select your plan.
Check Your Billing and Products
Learn how to keep track of orders and payments by accessing Billing and Products in your Dashboard to view purchased products, invoices, and update invoice details.
Provjerite svoju naplatu i proizvode
Provjerite naplatu i proizvode na webu: Idite na nadzornu ploču, odaberite 'Naplata i proizvodi', pregledajte proizvode i fakture, unesite podatke za buduće račune.
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