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Editor Support - SITE123 Support Center

Learn about SITE123's Editor and get all the support that you need. We're here 24/7 with live support, or you can search in our support center for guidance.

The Image Editor Tool
Use the Image Editor to crop, rotate, filter, and decorate images on various pages like About and Blog. Features include adjustments and text additions.
Publish the Website
Learn how to publish your website changes: Click 'Publish', confirm, share on social media, generate QR code. Unpublished changes remain in the editor only.
How to Build a Website
Build a website fast & easy with SITE123: Go to site123.com, click Start Here, choose a category, name your site, and sign-up to start working on it.
Create a Website Using a Template
Start your website easily with ready-made templates. Select, preview, and choose your favorite to create and design your website. More categories at the bottom.
The Client Zone Tool
Enable and manage Client Zone on your website to control access, manage forums, and user profiles. Users can log in, manage profiles, addresses, bookings, e-commerce orders, and subscriptions. Enhance branding with custom names for a personalized touch.
Preview the Website Before Publishing
Learn to preview your website in different device views (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile) and customize mobile settings (Header height, Menu Color, Text Align, Menu Type) before making it live.
Reset Changes to Last Published Version
Learn how to reset your website to the last published version, including steps for the irreversible reset action and tips to avoid losing work or progress.
The New Text Editor Tool
Learn to use the Text Editor tool for adding text, images, links, files, and more to your website. Customize content with editing options and additional tools.
Get Started with Your Website
Easily build your website with SITE123 using simple steps - edit the homepage, add CTAs, set up name & logo, upload content, design the site, and publish.
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