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Customizing Your Website Footer

In this article you can learn how to customize and add different tools your website's footer:

  1. In the Editor, click on Design.
  2. Click on Customize and select Footer.

These are the seven tools you can add: 

  • Change Layouts - You can choose one of the three footer layouts: All - Default, Clean and Centered, No Footer. Click on Layouts to select your preferred option.

  • Add Social Networks Links - You can add links from your website to your various social network accounts, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, and Telegram. In the Show Social Networks box, switch the button to ON. To add your social links, click the Edit button. Once you add a link to your profile, the respective social network icon will be added to your Footer section.

  • Add Floating Contact Buttons This tool allows your visitors to share your website's pages via popular messaging applications. You can drag the contact icons to change their order. Each floating button will direct the visitors to the selected messaging application. In the box "Floating Contact Button", switch the button to ON. Click on Add Button to select your preferred option.
    You can also set a Greeting Message to your visitors that will appear above the button, five seconds after the page loads, every 24 hours.

  • Add Mailing List Subscription Field You can add a subscription field to let your users subscribe to your Mailing List from the website footer. In the Show Mailing List box, switch the button to ON. Read More about Using the Mailing List Tool.

  • Add Terms of Service You can add the Terms of Use of your website to the footer section. In the Terms of Service box, switch the button to ON. Click on the Edit button to add your Terms of Service.

  • Add Privacy Policy You can add a Privacy Policy content which will be added as a link to your website's footer. In the Privacy Policy box, switch the button to ON. Click on the Edit button to add your Privacy Policy.

  • Show a "Cookie Consent" bannerYou can activate a "Cookie Consent banner" to display on your website's footer. In the Cookie Consent box, switch the button to ON / OFF to enable or disable the Cookie Consent.

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