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Checking Your Orders

You can check your Orders and easily manage them using the Orders tab. You can check orders on different pages, such as E-commerce, Events, Pricing Table, Restaurant Reservations, Schedule Booking, etc.

To check and manage your orders:

  1. In the Editor, click on Pages.
  2. Locate the page for which you want to check the orders and click on the Edit button next to it.
  3. Click on the Orders tab.
  4. You can filter the list of the orders by status, date, and type.
  5. Under the Status column, you can set the order status to New, Paid, In Progress/Pending, Cancelled, Completed/Confirmed, or Shipped. You cannot set the order to "Abandoned Cart" status, as this status updates automatically. Read more about The Abandoned Cart Tool.
  6. Under the Manage column, click on Info to see the order details and Print it, and click on Delete to delete the order from the list (note that deleting it does not cancel the order, that can only be done by changing the order status).
  7. For your convenience, you can Export the orders list into an Excel file (CSV format).

Please note:

  • You can also access your Orders from your website's Dashboard.
  • The "Abandoned Cart" status will be active when the user abandoned the order. In the first five minutes, the order will be set as In-Progress and you will not be able to change the status. After five minutes, you will see if it's abandoned or not.
  • In the Restaurant Reservations page, the orders will be under the Reservations tab, while in the Schedule Booking page, they will be under the Scheduled tab.

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