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Checking Your Billing and Products

Checking your Billing and Products is essential in order to keep track of the products you ordered and payments you've made.

To go to your billing and products:

  1. In your website's Dashboard, click on the Account button on the top corner.
  2. Select Billing and Products from the drop-down list.

These are the available tools:

  • My ProductsYou can view all the products you have purchased, e.g. Premium Packages, Domains, and Mailboxes. You can also renew them by clicking on the Renew button.

  • My Invoices You can view and download your invoices.

  • Invoice Details - You can enter your desired details for future invoices. It is not possible to change the details of an already issued invoice via this tool.

Please note:

  • You can disable the automatic renewal option in the My Products dashboard.

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