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SITE123 Update List

Check all the new features and bug fix updates in one place!

Introducing Product Option guide

2024-01-11 Store

You can now add guide to each one of your product options via the store configuration page.

This is a useful tool that will improve the user experience of your store page and will likely affect your sales in a positive way if used correctly. 

Sale Channels in the store page

2024-01-11 Store

We're excited to share that you can now export your store products to multiple platforms, including Google Merchant Center, Microsoft Merchant Center, Facebook & Instagram Shop, TikTok Catalog, Pinterest Catalog, and

This feature broadens your reach, allowing more customers to discover and purchase your products across various popular online marketplaces and social media platforms.

Additionally, In the 'Add/Edit Product' section, we've introduced a new tab called 'Extra Attributes'. This is particularly useful for setting specific details required by external providers like the aforementioned sales channels ensuring your products meet the unique requirements of each platform.

Reply from email using our CRM system

2024-01-11 Pages

Now, you can reply to messages from your website visitors straight from your preferred email inbox. There's no need to sign in to the website's system every time you want to respond.

New periods added to the Pricing Table page

2024-01-11 Pages

We’ve added the following periods to the Pricing Table page: Week, 3 months, 6 months, 2 years, 3 years, 5 years and 10 years.

This update is designed to give you further flexibility while designing the services that you offer with your pricing table page.

Expanded uses for Text AI

2024-01-11 Pages

We’ve added Text AI to more pages on our platform. You can now use Text AI with the Online courses, Events, Restaurant Menu, Restaurant Reservations, Schedule Booking, Charts, Article, Blog, FAQ, testimonials and Image comparison pages. This integration improves content creation, making it easier and faster to generate high-quality text for various sections of your website.

New pages design for multi-page websites

2024-01-11 Pages

In our Multi Pages Websites, we've redesigned the Pages section:

  1. Pages that are on the homepage now feature a new info icon and a side border for easy identification.

  2. We've introduced a new icon specifically for categories.

Over 100M brand new images and over 1M videos for you to use!

2024-01-11 Editor

We are thrilled to announce a significant expansion in our content libraries, as we've added a whopping 100 million high-quality images and over 1 million videos for your convenience. These valuable visual resources are now readily available for you to incorporate into your websites, making your online projects even more engaging and visually appealing. Explore this vast collection to find the perfect images and videos that suit your needs and elevate your website's content to the next level.

Blog writers

2024-01-11 Blog

We've introduced a feature allowing you to assign a writer to your blog posts. Each writer can have a designated image, title and description. You can select one or multiple writers for each post and choose a main writer. Clicking on a writer's name displays all posts they contributed to. These pages will appear in the website’s sitemap, and you can customize SEO settings and URL for each post's writer.

Blog Categories

2024-01-11 Blog

We have added categories to the blog page. You can add multiple categories to each post and you can also set a main category for a post. 

The main category will appear in the website navigation path for easy tracking. 

You can also click on a category and see all of the related posts to that category. 

Categories are also in the website’s sitemap which means that they can be indexed and scanned by Google and other search engines.

Additionally, you can now set SEO to each of your blog categories and set a unique url for it.

Convert your Store page into a multi-section page

2023-08-08 Store

Now, you have the ability to set your Store page as a multi-section page. This means you can create an Online Store page and add various sections such as testimonials, about, promo designs, and more. This feature will significantly improve your store's navigation and design, allowing you to include all the relevant information about your store on the Store page.

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