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CRM Tool For Your Website

2023-08-01 Editor Pages

You now have the ability to communicate directly with your customers from your website's dashboard. You can answer incoming emails and handle all your communication from one place, eliminating the need to log into your email to reply.

This tool is accessible on all pages where interactions can be made with your customers, such as "contact us" pages, "online store" orders, and more.

This fantastic new feature saves you time and allows you to manage all of your business communication directly from your website's dashboard.

Use Our AI Tool to Create Your Content

2023-07-31 Editor Pages

On services, testimonials, FAQs, Team, Restaurant Menu, blogs, and articles, you can now generate new content for items such as a list of services, FAQs, new dishes offered in your restaurant, testimonials, blogs, and more, using the integrated AI tool. This can be done either from the Items page or directly from the editor.

When generating a blog post or an article, you will have the option to preview the content before posting it.

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