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SITE123 Update List - Pages

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New Team Page layout

2024-01-11 Pages

This layout offers a neat and orderly display of team members, featuring a concise three-line text limit for each profile. This clean-cut design ensures a harmonious and professional overview, enabling visitors to quickly understand team roles and contributions.

Two New Services Page Layouts

2024-01-11 Pages

These new layouts are designed to showcase your offerings with precision and style. Each service is neatly framed within a three-line text box for a clean and concise description, ensuring uniformity and readability.

New FAQ Page Layout

2024-01-11 Pages F.A.Q

Introducing a new layout for our FAQ module, a sleek Grid Layout designed for clarity and ease of use. This new layout structures your frequently asked questions in a straightforward grid, allowing your visitors to find answers quickly.

New Customers Page Layout

2024-01-11 Pages Client Zone

We're pleased to unveilt the new layout for our Customers Page, a visually engaging design that neatly showcases a series of icons in a harmonious, circular grid. This layout is tailored to present your customers with clarity and a touch of elegance.

New Gallery Page Layout - Grid Design

2024-01-11 Pages Gallery

This new layout organizes your gallery content into a clean, structured grid format. It's ideal for displaying images in a neat, orderly arrangement, allowing your visitors to easily browse through your visual content. The grid design brings a modern and professional look to your gallery, refining the overall aesthetic of your website.

New Testimonial Page Layout - Infinite Carousel

2024-01-11 Pages

We’re excited to announce our new layout for the Testimonial Page featuring an Infinite Carousel. This innovative layout automatically rolls through testimonials one after another, creating a continuous and dynamic display of customer feedback.

Reply from email using our CRM system

2024-01-11 Pages

Now, you can reply to messages from your website visitors straight from your preferred email inbox. There's no need to sign in to the website's system every time you want to respond.

New periods added to the Pricing Table page

2024-01-11 Pages

We’ve added the following periods to the Pricing Table page: Week, 3 months, 6 months, 2 years, 3 years, 5 years and 10 years.

This update is designed to give you further flexibility while designing the services that you offer with your pricing table page.

Expanded uses for Text AI

2024-01-11 Pages

We’ve added Text AI to more pages on our platform. You can now use Text AI with the Online courses, Events, Restaurant Menu, Restaurant Reservations, Schedule Booking, Charts, Article, Blog, FAQ, testimonials and Image comparison pages. This integration improves content creation, making it easier and faster to generate high-quality text for various sections of your website.

New pages design for multi-page websites

2024-01-11 Pages

In our Multi Pages Websites, we've redesigned the Pages section:

  1. Pages that are on the homepage now feature a new info icon and a side border for easy identification.

  2. We've introduced a new icon specifically for categories.

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