SITE123 Update List

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Background Tool for Sections

2024-05-29 F.A.Q Layouts

We have enabled the Background Tool for Sections, which is now available for specific sections. You can customize the background for some of the Team Pages and all FAQ pages. This feature lets you add a unique touch so that your website's sections will be highlighted more effectively.

Design Options for Category Tabs

2024-05-29 Editor

We have introduced a new option that lets you customize the design of your category tabs directly in the preview mode. When you hover over the categories, you can now choose between two design styles: "Default" and "Fill." This option helps you personalize the appearance of your category filters to match your site's design better.

Seating Arrangement for Events

2024-05-29 Events

We are excited to announce a new option: Seating Arrangement for events. You can now create custom seating plans or use our templates to organize the seating for your event. This tool helps you create clear and organized seating plans, improving the experience for your attendees.


New Menu Design on Website Structure


We've added a new design option for the top menu. Now, you can place the pages list next to the logo for a more streamlined navigation experience.

To try the new design:

  1. Go to SITE123.
  2. Navigate to Design.
  3. Select Website Structure.

New Image Filters for Images in the Library

2024-05-29 Editor

We've added two new filters to our image library to help you find exactly what you're looking for:

  1. Similar Images Filter: When you select an image, use this filter to see other images that are similar to the one you chose.
  2. Photographer's Images Filter: This filter lets you view all images from the same photographer.

Reusability for Existing Content

2024-05-13 Pages Editor

You can now use an existing page multiple times within your website. This functionality allows items from a source page to be utilized across various pages without duplicating. Managing items once and displaying them on several pages simplifies content updates and maintenance.

New Color Customization Tools in Design Editor

2024-05-13 Editor

We've added two new buttons in Custom Colors:

Apply To All Main Colors: A new button has been added next to your website's main color selection in the 'Custom Colors' section under 'Colors' in the Design Editor. Clicking this button will apply your selected main color to all elements of your website that use it, such as the header, footer, and various sections. This option makes it easier to update your site's color scheme, ensuring a cohesive look with just one click.

Apply To All Button Texts: A new button has been added next to your main button text color selection. When you click this button, you can now easily change the text color of all buttons across your website to match your new main button text color. This option ensures uniformity and improves the visual consistency of buttons throughout your site.

New Team Page Design with Image Carousel

2024-05-05 Layouts

The team page now includes a new design with an image carousel of team members. This update offers a dynamic presentation where each member's role and details are displayed clearly as their images appear in the carousel. This option provides a visually appealing and organized way to showcase the team, enhancing the browsing experience.

New Design for the Restaurant Menu Page

2024-05-05 Layouts Restaurants

The restaurant menu page has been updated with another new design. The new design provides an attractive and organized presentation of the menu items, with clear pricing to enhance the customer browsing experience.

New Design for the Percentage Page

2024-05-05 Layouts

The percentage page now includes a new design. This update provides a new way for clients to display their percentage-based metrics, featuring a clean design with progress circles for a visually appealing presentation.

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