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SITE123 Update List - Store

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Product Share Buttons

2024-01-11 Store

We're excited to roll out a much-anticipated feature: product share buttons. Your clients can now easily share your products on popular social platforms including WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, broadening your product's reach and visibility.

Request Reviews

2024-01-11 Store

You can now ask your customers to leave a product review by email. This convenient option sends an email to the customer with a link that directs them straight to the product review page for their order, streamlining the feedback process.

Multi-shipping with Printful

2024-01-11 Store

Introducing support for multi-shipping. This new feature allows for fulfilling shipping through printful.com for products managed by Printful. When a customer's cart contains a mix of your store products and printful.com products, they will now see multiple shipping options available.

Dropshipping with Printful

2024-01-11 Store

SITE123 now has a cool feature for "dropshipping", which lets you sell items from printful.com in your store.
To start:

  • Click on the "Find Products to Sell" tab.
  • Make a new account or log into one you already have, and set it up as a store.

After you add products to your printful.com account, they'll automatically show up in your SITE123 store. This easy connection means you can quickly add and manage printful.com items in your SITE123 store.

Improved configuration options for your Store collections

2024-01-11 Store

We've introduced new features for your collections. Now, you can add both box and cover images to each collection, giving you more control over their visual presentation. Additionally, you can set custom SEO settings for each collection. This customization is key for improving visibility, as it allows Google and other search engines to effectively index your Store Collection pages.

Filter Toolbar Design

2024-01-11 Store

Now, you can change how the filter toolbar looks on your store page.

Pick between a full screen or a boxed layout for your toolbar, with two different styles, to make your website's browsing experience better.

Plus, if you don't want the filter toolbar, you can completely hide it now!

Inventory Management Improvement

2024-01-11 Store

We've introduced a new inventory button on your store page for easy access. Also, changes to your inventory now update automatically on your live website, without the need to publish your website again. Your users will see these changes in real time.

Gallery Images for Product Options

2024-01-11 Store

You can now create a gallery of images for each one of your product options, allowing customers to visualize variations more clearly. This feature drastically improve the shopping experience by providing detailed, high-quality visuals for every option of a product.

Introducing Product Option guide

2024-01-11 Store

You can now incorporate guides for each product option through the store configuration page.

This feature serves as a valuable tool to enhance the user experience on your store page and has the potential to impact your sales when utilized effectively and positively.


Sale Channels in the store page

2024-01-11 Store

We're excited to share that you can now export your store products to multiple platforms, including Google Merchant Center, Microsoft Merchant Center, Facebook & Instagram Shop, TikTok Catalog, Pinterest Catalog, and zap.co.il.

This feature broadens your reach, allowing more customers to discover and purchase your products across various popular online marketplaces and social media platforms.

Additionally, In the 'Add/Edit Product' section, we've introduced a new tab called 'Extra Attributes'. This is particularly useful for setting specific details required by external providers like the aforementioned sales channels ensuring your products meet the unique requirements of each platform.

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