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Display promotion pop-ups on all pages except for the homepage.

2023-04-17 Popups / Marketing

We've added a new option for promotion popups! You can now choose to display the popup on all pages of your website, except for the homepage. Just select the "All Pages Except Homepage" option under "Where To Show" and add your desired image.

Customize Your Donation Form

2023-04-17 Donation Customizable Forms

You can now customize your Donate Order Form! As a user, you can remove any input fields that aren't relevant to your fundraising campaign, giving you more control over your donation process.

Set Your Fundraising Goal and Raise More Funds

2023-04-17 Donation

We've added a new feature to our Donate module! You can now set a donation goal that will be displayed on your donation page. Simply choose the amount you want to raise and your goal will be visible to your donors.

Create private galleries for your customers using the Portfolio module.

2023-04-17 Portfolio

You can now set up private galleries for your customers! If, for example, you're a photographer, you can create a portfolio of images for each customer and add extra information about them. Simply close the portfolio with a password to keep it private. Your closed portfolios with passwords won't be displayed on the front end of your website, giving your customers more privacy

Client Zone Social Login

2023-04-17 Client Zone

Your clients can now connect to their accounts using Facebook and Google through our new social login feature. Please note that the social login buttons are currently only visible to paying customers

NEW INTERFACE: SVG underline design

2023-04-16 Editor

Add stylish underlines to your website with our new SVG Underline feature! Choose from a variety of designs that complement your website's main color.

Streamline Your Bookings and Stay Organized with the Service Calendar

2023-04-16 Schedule Booking

Stay organized with our new Service Calendar feature. This tool allows you to view all of your scheduled bookings in one convenient calendar view, making it easy to keep track of upcoming appointments and bookings. 

Add Your Scheduled Booking to Your Calendar

2023-04-16 Schedule Booking

"Add to Calendar" button added to the checkout page. Your customers can now easily add their scheduled booking to their calendar for a convenient reminder.

Multi Pricing Feature in Schedule Booking Module

2023-04-16 Schedule Booking

We're excited to announce that you can now offer multiple pricing options for your schedule bookings! With this new feature, you can add different pricing tickets to accommodate various customer needs. Customers can now choose the pricing option that best suits them, giving them the flexibility they need.

Add Your Restaurant Reservations to Your Calendar

2023-04-16 Restaurants

Never Miss Your Reservation Again - We've added a new feature that allows your customers to easily add their restaurant reservations to their calendar from the final reservation page. Simply look for the 'Add to Calendar' button and keep track of your reservations with ease!

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