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Manually Confirm Subscribers

2023-07-31 Email Marketing

Occasionally, users may subscribe to your mailing list but forget to confirm the verification email. Now, you have the ability to manually confirm their subscription from your admin panel. Moreover, if you are importing individual subscribers or a full list manually, you can also confirm their subscriptions through this tool.

Import Customers

2023-07-31 Email Marketing

Now, you have the ability to import your customer list into any tools that facilitate order reception, such as Online Store, Schedule Booking, Events, and more. Additionally, you can import your external mailing lists directly into your website's mailing list and automatically set these customers as subscribed.
With this excellent feature, you can conveniently manage all the customers you've gathered from various channels in one place - right from your website.

Set Custom Reminders for Scheduled Bookings

2023-04-17 Schedule Booking Email Marketing

Set Reminders for Your Customers with Schedule Booking - Now you can set reminders to be sent to your customers before their scheduled booking using our Schedule Booking module. You have the flexibility to choose the time before the booking that the reminder will be sent. Never miss a booking again with this new feature!

Event Reminder Emails

2023-04-16 Events Email Marketing

Set custom reminders to keep your attendees up-to-date with event details. You can now send automatic reminders to your attendees before your event starts. You can also customize your reminders to be sent at any time before the event, and include any additional information you want your attendees to have.

Email Notifications for Order Tracking

2023-04-16 Store Email Marketing

We've added a new feature that lets you automatically send email notifications to customers whenever you add or update their order's tracking information. This way, your customers will always be up-to-date on the status of their order.

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