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SITE123 Update List

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Automatic Coupons: Limit to Specific Clients!

2023-05-31 Store

With this update, you now have the option to limit automatic coupons to specific clients.

This new feature allows you to target and provide exclusive discounts to specific clients, ensuring a more personalized and tailored approach to your coupon campaigns. By limiting automatic coupons to specific clients, you can create targeted promotions and enhance customer loyalty.

We believe that this enhancement will greatly enhance your coupon management experience and provide you with more control over your automatic coupon campaigns.

Enhanced Coupon Management: Redesigned Add/Edit Coupon

2023-05-31 Store

You'll find it easier than ever to create and manage your coupons. The new design ensures a seamless workflow and intuitive navigation, simplifying the coupon management process.

We have introduced two important fields to provide greater control and flexibility:

  1. Statuses: You can now assign different statuses to your coupons, allowing you to easily track their progress and manage their availability. These statuses provide valuable insights into the active, expired, or upcoming coupons, enabling effective coupon management.

  2. Limitation of Use: You can specify limitations or restrictions for coupon usage, such as a maximum number of uses per customer, minimum order value requirements, or validity for specific products or services. This empowers you to tailor your coupon campaigns to meet your unique business requirements.

These enhancements aim to optimize your coupon management experience, ensuring greater control and customization. 

Introducing Translated Calendars

2023-05-31 Editor

Calendars used in various modules now support translations, offering a localized experience for your website.

With this enhancement, calendars will be displayed in the language you have chosen for your website. This means that visitors can view and interact with calendars in their preferred language, making it easier for them to engage with your content.

We believe that this improvement will greatly enhance the user experience, ensuring clear communication and seamless navigation within the calendar modules.

Enhancements to Order Information: Easily Track Payment and Fulfillment Status!

2023-05-31 Store

You will now find detailed payment and fulfillment statuses conveniently located on the Order Info page within the Client Zone.

With these additions, you can effortlessly track the progress of your orders in terms of payment and fulfillment. The payment status will reflect the current payment state of the order, while the fulfillment status will indicate the progress of order fulfillment.

These enhancements aim to provide you with a comprehensive overview of your orders' status, enabling you to stay informed and manage your orders more effectively. 

Enhancements for User Identification: Easily Identify User Locations and Browsers!

2023-05-31 Store

These changes provide a better understanding of user locations and browsers, making your experience more insightful.

Country Flag Display: You will now notice the country flag next to the IP address. This addition helps you quickly identify the user's location and provides a visual representation of their country.

Improved Browser Information: We have made improvements to enhance the display of browser information. The "User Agent" column has been updated to "Browser," providing a more intuitive label. Additionally, we have added browser icons to make it easier for you to identify the browser used by each user.

These enhancements aim to provide you with a more comprehensive understanding of your users' locations and browsers.

Introducing Improved Payment Statuses: Manage Your Orders with Ease!

2023-05-31 Store

We've made significant updates to enhance your order management experience, specifically related to payment statuses. These changes provide a more streamlined and efficient process for you.

  1. Column Name Change: We have replaced the "Status" column with "Payment" for better clarity and understanding.

  2. Simplified Payment Status Changes: Going forward, you can now change the payment status only from the order info page. This centralizes the process, ensuring accurate and consistent updates.

  3. Streamlined Status Options: To improve usability, we have hidden all the old statuses (such as "New," "Shipped," "In Progress," etc.) from the available options. If an old order already has one of these statuses, it will still be displayed for reference. However, you will not be able to set these old statuses again if you have previously changed them.

  4. "New" Status Replaced: The "New" status has been replaced with "Unpaid" to better reflect the payment status. This change applies not only to new customers but also to existing ones, ensuring consistency across the board.

These updates apply to various modules, including Store, Events, Online Courses, Pricing Table, Schedule Booking, and Donate. We are confident that these improvements will simplify your order management process and provide you with a clearer understanding of payment statuses.

Introducing Refund Orders: Simplify Your Order Management!

2023-05-31 Store

We're excited to announce the addition of a new feature that empowers you to refund orders effortlessly. Now, you can refund a paid order (that has not been canceled) with ease.

To streamline the process, we have introduced a new Refund status. When an order is set to "Refund," its payment status will automatically change to "Refunded." This ensures clear visibility and tracking of refunded orders.

Please note that once an order has been refunded, you won't be able to mark it as paid or unpaid again. This helps maintain accurate payment records for your reference.

Furthermore, we have implemented an automatic inventory update. When an order is refunded, the related products' inventory will be automatically increased, ensuring seamless stock management.

These enhancements apply to various modules, including Store, Events, Online Courses, Pricing Table, Schedule Booking, and Donate. We believe these updates will simplify your order management process and provide you with greater control over refunds.

Simplified Order Management: Introducing Improved Order Cancellation

2023-05-31 Store

From now on, canceling an order is no longer considered a payment status. We've transformed it into an order action and moved it to the Order Info Page. This change simplifies the cancellation process for you.

To make things clearer, we have removed the old "Cancel" status from the list of statuses. Rest assured, any existing orders with the old status will be automatically updated to reflect the cancellation. However, you won't be able to cancel orders directly from the statuses list anymore.

Moving forward, you can only cancel orders that haven't been fulfilled yet. When you cancel an order, its fulfillment status will be changed to "Cancel." Additionally, you won't be able to modify the fulfillment status using the order tracking feature.

These improvements apply to various modules, including Store, Events, Online Courses, Pricing Table, Schedule Booking, and Donate. We're confident that these changes will simplify your order management and provide a smoother cancellation process.

Enhancements to Order Management: Introducing Archive Orders

2023-05-31 Store

We've made some improvements to enhance your order management experience. You'll notice that we have removed the "Delete" buttons next to each row, making it easier for you to navigate. Instead, you can now conveniently archive an order directly from the order info page.

To align with these changes, we have also updated the filter text to provide clearer options. You'll now find two choices: "Orders" and "Archive Orders." This way, you can effortlessly switch between viewing your active orders and accessing your archived orders.

We're excited to inform you that these updates apply to multiple modules, including Store, Events, Online Courses, Pricing Table, Schedule Booking, and Donate. By implementing these enhancements, we aim to streamline your order management process and help you stay organized.

Automatic Coupon

2023-04-17 Store

A new functionality called "Automatic Coupon" is now available for use. This feature automatically adds a coupon to a customer's cart if they meet the "apply to" requirements. 

The coupon is not specific to a particular customer, but can be used by any customer who meets the "apply to" criteria. The coupon can only be activated for product, category, and minimum purchase amount.

This "Automatic Coupon" feature is exclusively available to users who have subscribed to the platinum package.

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