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Add event to calendar

2023-04-16 Events

Your clients can now add Events to their Calendars Directly from Checkout - We've added a new feature that allows your clients to easily add events to your calendar from the checkout page. Look for the 'Add to Calendar' button and never forget an event again!

Event Reminder Emails

2023-04-16 Events Email Marketing

Set custom reminders to keep your attendees up-to-date with event details. You can now send automatic reminders to your attendees before your event starts. You can also customize your reminders to be sent at any time before the event, and include any additional information you want your attendees to have.

Add Meeting URLs to Online Events for Convenient Access

2023-04-16 Events

You can now add a meeting URL to your online event, and buyers will receive the URL in their purchase success email.

Take Control of Contributor Access with Customized Access Options

2023-04-16 Website Settings

Now you can control access for your Contributors! As a user, you can decide between two access options for your contributors: Admin level access or Custom Module access. This feature is available to Gold and above users.

New Dashboard Look

2023-04-16 Website Settings

You can now see your website's order statistics and apply a custom date range filter. This feature is available for users who have modules that use the order system and the currency will be taken directly from your payment settings

eCommerce Orders Tracking

2023-04-16 Store

You can now use our new feature to add tracking numbers to your ordered products, manage your shipped items, and include tracking URLs. We've also made it easier for you to stay informed by adding a new order status option.

Easy Order Tracking in Client Zone

2023-04-16 Store

We've made it easy for your customers to track their orders by providing them with quick access to the latest tracking details through their client zone order info page. With this new feature, your customers will be able to stay up-to-date on the status of their orders and have peace of mind knowing that they can easily monitor their package's progress.

Email Notifications for Order Tracking

2023-04-16 Store Email Marketing

We've added a new feature that lets you automatically send email notifications to customers whenever you add or update their order's tracking information. This way, your customers will always be up-to-date on the status of their order.

Streamlined Product Tracking

2023-04-16 Store

You can now easily find the new Tracking Number feature in the eCommerce Orders Tracking module. It's located on the order info page next to each shipped product, complete with a link to track the item. This information updates dynamically as you add or edit details.

Enhanced Order Fulfillment Tracking

2023-04-16 Store

We've improved the Order Fulfillment process in the eCommerce Orders Tracking module by adding a new Fulfillment column to the orders list. This column displays three status options: Unfulfilled, Partially Fulfilled, and Fulfilled, making it easier for you to identify which orders have been fulfilled or not.

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