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SITE123 Update List - Online Courses

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Subscription for Blog and Online Courses

2024-01-14 Blog Online Courses

We're thrilled to announce a new feature: Subscriptions for Blogs and Online Courses! Now, you can charge for these sections with three access options: free for everyone, exclusive to signed-in members, or premium for paying customers. Website admins can choose to make some items free for all, too.

If you use Stripe for payments, you can now set up recurring payments for subscribers to your Blogs and Online Courses.

Don't worry if you're not using Stripe, we still have options for you!

Your customers will get email reminders to renew their subscriptions 10 days before the end of each subscription period, based on how often they chose to subscribe.

Client zone improvements for online courses

2024-01-11 Online Courses Client Zone

We've refined the user experience for our Online Courses offerings with two new features:

  1. In the Client Zone, under the Online Courses tab, customers will now find a convenient "Go To Course" link above their order details, providing direct access to purchased courses.

  2. On the Online Courses data page, a "Sign in" link has been added for users who have purchased a course but are not currently logged in, allowing for easy access to their content.

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