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What Is Email Newsletter Marketing?

Learn about email marketing and how you can stay in touch with your website viewers and customers

Unlike sales advertisements and marketing mailers, a Newsletter is not perceived as a marketing ploy. It is viewed more as a means of communication and news publication. Email newsletter marketing is a modern take on an old technology. In times past, a newsletter read much like a small print newspaper or magazine. Today's methods of using sleek newsletter templates, interactive media, short but sweet calls to action make the newsletter as vital for marketing as any other method.

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What Is Email Newsletter Marketing?

Why is the Newsletter a Good Marketing Tool?

A newsletter can be used as one part of an overall marketing strategy. The ways the newsletter can be used for marketing purposes are varied and limited only by your imagination: 1. Offer the newsletter free on your website to entice people to give their name and email to build your mailing list 2. Once you have built your mailing list, you can cultivate it. You will send the newsletter as promised but occasionally send an update or special sale bulletin. Don't abuse the privilege though or you risk being marked as spam. 3. Within the newsletter, you have ample opportunities to encourage readers with live links, video links, calls to action and interactive media to entice them to engage with you, visit the website, follow you on social media (include ALL of your social media icons in the newsletter), learn more about the company or even to buy a product. 4. The newsletter helps keep customers informed about company events, upcoming sales, fund-raising drives and what's going on "behind the scenes." All of this works to build good will, trust and brand recognition - all important parts of marketing strategies. 5. Newsletters serve as reminders. Everyone has busy lives today. While someone may forget you exist for awhile, when the newsletter shows up in their in-box, they are reminded of you. 6. Newsletters can be used as springboards for participation in online forums, webinars, social media and blogs. 7. The email management service you use will have many marketing tools that provide you with insightful marketing data on your readers. The statistics will show how many readers opened the newsletter, how many clicked on a link to the website, how many readers made a purchase through the email, how many readers read a particular article and where these readers originated. All of these statistics are invaluable in helping you craft marketing strategies. When you know what works, you can roll out with more of the same to get the same or better results next time. 8. Because of the statistical analysis tools available, newsletters are ideal "test labs." 9. Newsletters make it easy to stay in touch with customers and people who are interested in your cause. Even though their physical address may change, most people keep the same email for many years and rarely change it. In this way, you can contact them long after postal or direct mail marketing would have failed. 10. Newsletters are still the preferred communication tool of many people. You can always read email at your leisure. If you archive all issues on your website, then you can tweet links to the issues and include links in other social media posts or on your blog to attract more traffic and readership that prefers those venues over email.
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Newsletter publication is an entire industry unto itself. Your newsletter can be small or grow to hundreds of thousands of readers. Incorporate newsletter marketing into your overall business strategy today and see if it works for you.
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