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We Don't Need Designers, Just Real People That Know Their Business Needs

I will begin this blog post with one sentence: no design or coding skills required. Just to know your business needs

“Ok, but how does that help me build a website?”, you may be thinking. When you know what your customers want, what products sell more and how to cater to your audience, making a website becomes easy. Here are some examples:

  • If you know your business numbers, you can add a few to your website to impress visitors. Sentences like “XYZ units sold in 48 hours” go a long way in retaining customers. 
  • If you have satisfied customers, get a few quotes from them and use as testimonials. They will be very persuasive to visitors in the form of social proof.
  • Add an image gallery or videos that reflects the service or product you provide and let the them speak for you. 
  • There is much more you can do in this direction. Just use your knowledge and creativity.

And what is our part? We take care of the layout and design aspects of the website for you. As real pros in the field! Here at SITE123, we have the basic idea that experts know best how a website should be built and look like. So we’ve created an easy-to-use system with ready-made styles, layouts, structures, color schemes and more, and we’re leading the user in a path that generates a great result, so all you need to do is enter your content and 1, 2, 3 - it's up and running! 

We have businesses from all the world and in all sorts of languages that have been successfully using our platform. Without any outside help whatsoever they are getting awesome results! And the kind of results they are getting, you can't achieve in any other platform – not without pro help. 

Come with me on a short trip over the world and let's see different types of websites, from different countries, and different languages:

United States - EN

http://www.dancewithkailee.com/ - Dancing


With a very fun value proposition, DanceWithKailee.com shows exactly how a business owner can put together a legitimate website just by knowing her business needs. Within a few pages, she was able to describe what the business is about, what clients get from it (health and fun) and much more. With an Events page, she describes the kinds of classes that will be happening in the upcoming days and how to participate. Along with her contact page, this sets her up to win more customers.

United Kingdom - EN

http://www.rzcarwash.com/ - Car Wash

RZ Car Wash - The Ultimate Car Wash Experience

Thought car washers didn’t have or need websites? Nah - wrong! To get ahead of competition, RZ Car Wash put together a website that feels amazing right on the first impression. The sophistication of the website makes you feel like you will go into the car wash with your old van and come out of it with a brand new Tesla SUV. How about that for entertaining the visitor and converting them into a customer? 

I bet they are reaping the rewards at RZ Car Wash from presenting their company in a very nice way while also disclosing prices and other information. 


http://www.tributepetphotography.com/ - Pet Photography


A photography website starts with what can be either an advantage or trouble: many pictures in stock. This certainly has been no problem for Tribute Pet Photography, which was able to use the images they have to create a beautiful website. The feelings that are transmitted through the images along with the layout makes visitors (also potential customers) get the sense that their pets will be well taken care of during the photo shooting while being captured beautifully through the lens of the photographer.


http://naturalgold.site123.me/ - Wedding Flowers

Natural Gold - Your wedding flower specialist

Natural Gold, a wedding flowers business, was able to represent through a website the whole power of flowers in weddings. That certainly comes from knowing the inside business needs. The sense that flowers move wedding guests is crucial to the business and was very well transmitted throughout the website. When the visitor browses the image galleries available, she instantly feels like being at a wedding that has something special. And the special part are the flowers. What a great catch (in a good sense, of course)!


http://www.family-selfdefense-academy.co.za/ - Self Defense Academy

Family Self Defense Academy

Self defense can be a very serious matter depending on the environment you live in or transit within. To pass a credibility image (much needed in this segment), the Academy uses bold colors that reinforce the feeling of safety. In addition, the homepage has a slide show with some images of regular people defending themselves against criminals. That gives a sense of “Hey, I can do this too!”. 

And guess where they would be able to learn how to defend themselves? That’s right, they are already at the right place. 


http://www.avatar-kids.com/ - Humanoid robotics

AVATAR KIDS -  Humanoid robotics

Humanoid robots have permeated human imagination for generations. Since the release of more modern machines such as cars and planes, we, as a species, have been dreaming of having robots that walk, talk and interact like humans. Avatar Kids shows this is now reality by displaying on its homepage an amazing picture of a humanoid robot giving a classic “hand punch” to a boy in a hospital. The image instantly calls attention to the beautiful use of the product: to entertain hospitalized kids. Great homepage supported by a series of informational pages. 


http://www.ceipsanagustin.com/ - School

San Agustin

“A school has to be reliable.” and “My children must study, learn and grow every day.” are certainly the first thoughts that come to mind when a parent thinks about two things: schools and children. 

San Agustin, knowing its business needs and customers’ demands, addresses it all upfront with a nice slideshow of kids studying in class. An image is worth a thousand words and here they’re worth infinite words. With that huge mental demand met upfront, San Agustin has a clear path to convince parents and sign up many students.

ISRAEL - Hebrew

http://www.happymoments.co.il/ - Photographer

happymoments.co.il - Photographer

A photographer must catch the most subtle details in an environment he photographs. The ability to do that is demonstrated right away on Happy Moments’ website. On the homepage, there is a picture of a young girl with very shiny eyes. The mere observation of that makes  the visitor instantly perceive that this photography company knows just how to do it. The rest of the website gives support to this first impression. When finished going through the website, the visitor certainly goes away leaving a door open to return. 


http://www.acconciaturevenus.com/ - Beauty Salon

Venus Acconciature by Nola

The owners at Venus certainly understand that a beauty salon needs much more than just hair cutting apparel and good stylists. They keep a mailing list to send offers and increase revenues. Right on the homepage, they also mention the free Wi-Fi in their location as a benefit. Everyone wants free data and it certainly enhances user experience. The meeting of customers’ demands right on the website makes Venus stay ahead of competition when the time comes for the visitor to make a choice. 


http://www.vc2harquitetura.com/ - Intelligent Architecture

VC2H ARQUITETURA INTELIGENTE - Intelligent Architecture

This intelligent architecture company knows an important rule for its high-end clients: rooms must be simple, clean and sophisticated. The homepage pictures demonstrate that they are able to meet that need. This paves the way for the rest of the content the visitor will see on the website, which also reinforces that they are able to design great looking environments that are also very practical. 

Germany - DE

shapes-jewellery.site123.me - Handmade Jewellery

HAPES JEWELLERY - Handmade Jewellery

For the average person, price matters when shopping for Jewellery. Oh boy, how it matters! Nina, a jewelry designer from Germany, understands this and addresses the issue very clearly on her website. The basic message you get when browsing through her store, besides the fact that her Jewellery are very cool, is that the price is affordable. 

It is handmade, it is Jewellery and it’s affordable. Three value drivers that you can sense right away on her website. The perceived value that visitors get play a major role in their purchase decision making.

Russia - RU

http://www.krabkrevetka19.ru/ - Online Seafood Store

krabkrevetka19 - Online Seafood Store

Seafood is cool, ok?! It just is. You may not like to eat it, but you can’t deny that if you could, you would have an aquarium at home. Or just own a crab to be able to run around with it. Krab Krevetka uses the joyful colors from seafood on its homepage to start in a fun way. The black in the background brings you back and makes it feel serious while also being playful. The website develops the experience bringing it to a climax with beautiful pictures that showcase the quality of very fine seafood products. Price is displayed in a subtle way meeting the visitors need of having an idea of price for each of the products types.

Saudi Arabia - EN

http://www.mariam-fardous.com/ - Saudi Doctor Graduate

Mariam Fardous -

The old notion of a doctor being a very serious, boring person that just sits in a lab all day is long gone. Mariam Fardous is the complete opposite of that persona and makes sure to demonstrate her identity right up front with some amazing pictures. The adventure feel of her website is very exciting and gets you interested in knowing her story.


http://www.youssraelhawary.com/ - Musician

Youssra El Hawary

On her portfolio website, Youssra El Hawary makes visitors pretty much dive into her music without ever having listened to it. Pictures, copywriting and layout unite in synesthesia to win visitors’ attention. It all merges into business without losing the artistic essence. The musical industry is more competitive than ever nowadays and she certainly knows her business needs. On the website, people are addressed in a way that makes them feel like they are already part of her career. That gets them compelled to participate in her crowdfunding campaign for the first album.


https://224047.site123.me/ - Design Agency

whyite glow - Design Agency

Any art agency knows that they need to demonstrate extensive knowledge of art and aesthetics. Whyite Glow, an Indian design agency does that on its homepage by highlighting a series of designs with nice textures and traces. Their copywriting takes the visitor through the company’s artistic concepts and procedures, making it clear how things will be operated when the client requests their services.

Final Words

No matter what business industry your in, you can put together a great website with SITE123’s help just by knowing your business needs. It doesn’t matter what part of the world you are in or what language you speak if you can convey your message clearly to your customers, demonstrate value and meet their demands. 

The number one skill that will dictate your success in business is knowing your needs. You certainly understand it and are ready to do whatever it takes to meet them. Start with a website to address many of them upfront while also meeting customers’ demands, creating a win-win situation. Over time, this will pay off tenfold. 

Pro tip

Recently, we introduced a multilingual tool that made it possible for you to create a website in many different language versions of your choice. This way you can expand your online business, reaching out for clients and partners across the globe. Test it out on our website builder, under the Settings part of the menu!

So, why are you waiting for? Start your website today and get a beautiful online presence in no time.

We Don't Need Designers, Just Real People That Know Their Business Needs
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