Deciding What Products to Sell in Your Online Store
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Deciding What Products to Sell in Your Online Store

Starting an online store is an exciting journey, as it combines creativity and commerce to create an e-commerce store. Many entrepreneurs find themselves overwhelmed when it comes to selecting the right products to sell in their store. Some of the key considerations include target market, pricing and inventory costs. Knowing what to consider ahead of time and understanding the principles of product selection can help e-commerce store owners focus on the right product decisions and launch a successful online store.

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Deciding What Products to Sell in Your Online Store

Evaluate Your Target Market

Evaluating your target market is an important step when deciding which products to sell through your online store. Assessing customer demographics and preferences, as well as potential competitors, can help you determine which products will be most profitable and best fit the needs and interests of your customer base. Consider the age, gender, interests, and purchasing power of your target market when researching the products you want to offer. Additionally, try to identify the current trends in the market and take note of any upcoming opportunities. Investigate your competitors’ product lines so that you can differentiate your products and provide customers with something unique. Knowing your target market and evaluating the available products is essential when making decisions about what to include in your online store.
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Understand Your Customers

Successfully selling products online starts with a thorough understanding of your potential customer base. Identifying the needs and preferences of your target customers on an individual level will help determine which products they’ll be interested in purchasing. Take the time to research customer demographics, and create personas that represent the people you’re targeting with your online store.

You can also conduct surveys or directly ask customers how you can improve and develop new products. Consider the products they’d like to purchase, their budget, what they need, and how they’ll benefit from them. Once you have a good understanding of your target market, use it to create product offerings tailored to their needs and preferences.

Analyze Your Competitors

To determine which products to sell in your online store, you should also analyze your competitors. Look at the products they are offering and the price points they are charging. This will give you an indication of what the market for these items is like, including demand and price sensitivity.

You can also look at other features of the competing products, such as customer service policies, shipping and payment options, and product warranties. This analysis can give you a better understanding of what your customers may be looking for and where you may have an edge in the market.

By taking a close look at your competitors, you can make more informed decisions about which products to offer in your online store. This will help you remain competitive and maximize your potential profits.

Research Your Market

Researching your market should be the first step you take when deciding which products to sell in your online store. Knowing who your target customer is and what they want can help you narrow down your selection. You can start by researching industry trends and seeing what products are popular. Check out what your competitors are selling to get an idea of what is out there.

Analyze customer reviews and feedback. This can be a great source of insight into what customers want. See what products get the best ratings and why customers like them.

You can also use market research tools such as surveys and focus groups to get direct customer feedback. It will give you valuable insight into customer needs and preferences.

At the end of the day, the products you choose need to meet the needs of your target customers. Researching your market will help you make informed decisions that provide value to your customers and boost your bottom line.

Be Aware of Your Channels

In order to decide what products to sell in your online store, it is important to be aware of your channels. Different customers may prefer to purchase items through different platforms or methods. You may want to consider offering items through popular online retailers like Amazon, eBay and Etsy. Additionally, offer customers the option to purchase directly through your website, providing a unique customer experience. Social media is also an important channel to leverage in order to reach out to potential customers. Be sure to utilize ads, influencers and other channels to drive customers your way. Lastly, keep in mind the mobile market - mobile optimized sites and shopping apps allow customers to purchase items on the go. Knowing your channels is key to a successful online store.

Choose Your Product Categories

One of the most important steps in setting up an online store is selecting which product categories you will offer. With so many different products to choose from, it's critical to narrow down the selection to categories that appeal to your target audience. To decide which product categories you should select, consider factors such as your overall store goal, product demand and pricing.

Your store goal should be the primary factor influencing your product choice. For example, if you’re starting a specialty online shop, you may want to focus on niche products that reflect your passions and interests. Alternatively, if you prioritize value and convenience, you may want to focus on products that are often ordered together, such as best-selling bundles.

You should also research the demand for different products. For example, if you have a particular product idea that’s been popular in the past, try selling related items or offering a bundle package that features the popular item. Additionally, you should review the pricing of different categories to ensure you can turn a profit. You may find that certain products offer greater profit potential due to high demand and low market saturation.

Finally, you should research your competitors’ product selection to identify and fill gaps in the market. Consider which products are lacking in your competitors’ selection to determine what you could offer that could set your store apart. Choosing the right product categories is an essential part of any successful online store. Taking time to research and refine your selection can help you create an optimal store offering for your target audience.

Choose Your Product Lines

When choosing what products to sell in your online store, it is important to choose your product lines carefully. Consider what items your customers are looking for, what type of materials will be necessary to produce them, and whether there is sufficient demand in the market. You should also carefully examine the quality of each product you will offer and decide if it is worth the time and effort to produce it. Furthermore, researching and understanding the competition that exists in your chosen product lines can help you determine what price points you should offer in your store. Lastly, understanding the costs associated with each product line and how they will impact your bottom line is necessary in order to price your products accordingly.


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Launching an online store is an exciting journey, but product selection can be a daunting task. Knowing what to consider ahead of time and understanding the principles of product selection can help e-commerce store owners focus on the right product decisions and launch a successful online store. Key considerations include target market, pricing, inventory costs, customers, competitors, market research, channels, product categories and product lines.
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