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Case Study: Creating a Website for a Garden Design Business

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Case Study: Creating a Website for a Garden Design Business

Project Overview

Decorated Green needed a website that could showcase their garden design services, including real examples of work they had done for past clients. To do this, they needed a website builder that offered easy image uploads and great looking galleries. Using SITE123's website builder and hosting, they were able to create a site that could be customized for their needs using their images and a selection of free fonts. The addition of an image gallery allows potential clients to see what Decorated Green can do for them.
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Decorated Green needed to upgrade their existing website, which was largely text. As a design business, images were crucial, and they felt they were missing out on potential new clients by not showcasing all their great work. Because of this, they needed a website builder with an image upload process that was easy to understand and that worked quickly. They also wanted to have an up to date look for their site, but didn't want to pay the high costs of finding a custom design. While they wanted to use a mix of fonts, they didn't know much about what they could and couldn't use without paying, so they wanted a website builder that had free fonts included in the price.


SITE123's large library of modules and styles offered Decorated Green a lot to choose from. They were able to select a website style that suited their work, and that reinforced their field using multiple shades of green. The ready-made modules and the advanced editor allowed them to quickly customize it, and the free font library meant they could have the dynamic and modern looking site they wanted. They were also very happy with the image uploads available on SITE123. Using the gallery features, they were able to have a professional style lightbox gallery included in their website. Their website also includes detailed information about their services to make it easier for those without a green thumb to understand.


Decorated Green created a new website that allows them to show off their portfolio of garden design. The fluid HTML5 behind their site means that it can even be viewed on smartphones and tablets, perfect for when they want to show something to a new client when they're on site. SITE123's website builder and hosting package gave Decorated Green the website they wanted and needed. With ready-made modules and a free font library, SITE123 is a quick and easy way to have a professional website for any business.


The Process of creating Decorated Green - Garden Design Business website.
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