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Build high-level ecommerce using SITE123 & ECWID app

Your SITE123 online store is great and it certainly makes a difference in your business. If you would like to boost your ecommerce even more, you can use Ecwid. It is a tool to give your online store the upgrade you have been looking for.

Ecwid for your SITE123 website

That a website is mandatory for any business that wants to stay up to date, we all know. And that’s why you came to SITE123 in the first place. With a few edits, you put your website live and are now reaping the benefits from it. Among them is enlarged business range, better brand identity, enhanced online presence… The list goes on. 

By now you have already added a store to your website to make sure you get that extra revenue that the internet makes possible. And you have done that for a reason: a website is pretty much useless if you can’t sell anything through it. Ok, I wouldn’t be that radical, but everyone must think of ways to sell products and services using a website. Be that a sales page or an online store.

If your main products are tangible, you have no other option than adding a store to your website. Otherwise, you will be missing on a huge source of revenue. But if you got here, that is not your issue. You probably already have a store on your website and are now just looking to improve it. 

Among the options you have, you can use Ecwid to enhance your online store. It is a shopping solution that you can easily add to your website. If you are wondering where to find it on SITE123’s interface that you haven’t found before, it’s on the recently launched app market.

On the app market, there are many tools you can add to your website that will make a great difference on it. From chat boxes, to form creators and much more. There are options for pretty much anything you will need in the course of your online business. And needless to say, the installation is easy just like anything else on SITE123.

Getting back to Ecwid now, you can upgrade the way your store functions by using it on your website.

Here’s a few of its features:

  • Profiles + addresses: shoppers can create a profile and add addresses. This saves them time in checkout and allows them to receive your products in different addresses (you know, there are a lot of nomads out there nowadays again).
  • Smart Shipping Calculator: one of the interesting features of Ecwid is the shipping calculator. It fills in the address for the person that is shopping on your website based on their IP address. On top, they can add references and other details.
  • Track Inventory - online and offline: Ecwid allows integrated inventory tracking. If you are thinking of investing on Ecwid to improve the overall operations of your store, this comes in handy.  
  • Language Detection: SITE123 provides you with over 50 languages to choose from when you build your website. On top of it, you can use the Ecwid app to be able to have a multi-language store. It detects the language your website visitor speaks and changes the storefront to that language. There are 45 languages available.
  • Secure Payments: with Ecwid, you can securely accept payments from many gateways such as PayPal and stripe. There are 40 options available.
  • Omnichannel commerce: there is an option to launch your store on your Facebook page, facilitating marketing and growth.
  • Mobile management: an Ewid app can be used to manage inventory, accept payments and more right on your phone.

All in all, this is a good tool to take the store you have on SITE123, which is already great, to the next level. With your current store, you already get your customers impressed. With Ecwid you will be able to serve them better. The implementation may help in terms of client retention. And it is easy to know what that translates in: continued cash flows for your business.

Build high-level ecommerce using SITE123 & ECWID app
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