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5 Tips To Design a Logo That Looks Great

Follow these tips to create the best logo for your website today!

A logo is a crucial part of any branding and marketing plan for your business. You need a logo that reflects your business and what you offer customers. Designing a great logo can be tricky, but it is worth all the effort you put into it. Here are five tips for designing the perfect logo for your business.

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5 Tips To Design a Logo That Looks Great

1.  Choose the right color

The color or colors you choose for your logo are very important. Many brands have logos that can be recognized simply by their colors. Swap the colors and the logos are suddenly unrecognizable. Think about it - this is because colors are easy to remember and associate with a brand as you design a logo. Think about anything from soft drinks to social media and you'll know the colors associated with each brand and their logo as much as the logo itself.
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2.  Know the audience

A great logo is suited to the target audience. If you're aiming a product at kids you'll want a different approach than if you're aiming it at senior citizens. The same is true if your customers are high end businesses or middle class consumers. The audience should be your target demographic, and the logo should be something that fits in with the tastes and preferences of that demographic. Don't be afraid to ask for opinions, either. Friends, family, and customers are all vital resources when it comes to finding the logo that is right for your brand.

3.  Keep it simple

The biggest failing of many logos is that they are over-complicated. Whether you choose to use an image logo or a logotype, simplicity is key. You need something that can be easily recalled and that will look great across a variety of platforms. One way to think about it is to think about whether you'd be able to describe and quickly sketch out the logo for somebody who had never seen it before. If not, you might need to think about how you can simplify your logo design.

4.  Know the brand

Knowing what the brand stands for is at the base of any great logo. The logo doesn't have to be a blatant image of what you produce, but it does need to convey something about the company as an entity. Are you sleek and modern or traditional and reliable? Are you offering a product that will make the world better or make a single consumer happier? A great logo should aim to encapsulate this type of idea in a visual way.

5.  Make it adaptable

Many of the best logos can be adapted for different uses. In some cases this is a matter of having a big logo with a graphic and the company name, and a shortened version with just the graphic or just the name. In others, it is a single design element that can be carried across different platforms, such as advertising, the product itself, and media. In some cases, such as on your website, you can include multiple versions. This can offer a way to reinforce that they are all to be associated with your brand. With drag and drop editing on a website, this is easy to do.


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