Enhanced Coupon Management: Redesigned Add/Edit Coupon
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Enhanced Coupon Management: Redesigned Add/Edit Coupon

2023-05-31 13:32:00

You'll find it easier than ever to create and manage your coupons. The new design ensures a seamless workflow and intuitive navigation, simplifying the coupon management process.

We have introduced two important fields to provide greater control and flexibility:

  1. Statuses: You can now assign different statuses to your coupons, allowing you to easily track their progress and manage their availability. These statuses provide valuable insights into the active, expired, or upcoming coupons, enabling effective coupon management.

  2. Limitation of Use: You can specify limitations or restrictions for coupon usage, such as a maximum number of uses per customer, minimum order value requirements, or validity for specific products or services. This empowers you to tailor your coupon campaigns to meet your unique business requirements.

These enhancements aim to optimize your coupon management experience, ensuring greater control and customization. 

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