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What Is HTML5 and Why Your Website Should Have It

Learn about HTML5 and how you can use this programming language on your website.

SITE123's team, at work and outside, are often asked by customers or friends to explain some of the terms they use without thinking about them. This regularly reminds us that not everyone speaks the same language that we do! One question that has been regularly asked over the last couple of years is: “What is HTML5?”. The obvious answer, but not necessarily completely helpful, would be that it’s an upgrade to HTML4!

Table of Contents:

What Is HTML5 and Why Your Website Should Have It

All about HTML (and version 5)

Therefore, let’s start with a quick look at HTML itself (feel free to skip this bit if you already know). HyperText Markup Language is the language used to create web pages and is written in the form of tags enclosed in angle brackets such as. A web browser then has the capability to read and interpret these tags and use the information to create visible or audible web pages. HTML5 is, as you’ve guessed, the fifth revision of the first creation in 1990, and was the first major change for fifteen years since HTML4 was standardized in 1997. In 2012, it was recommended by W3C – the World Wide Web Consortium, the main standards organization for the web. Professional designers and programmers have already favorably commented on its cleaner markup and improved code, enhanced semantics and accessibility, and even its elegance (a high compliment from such demanding folk).
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The benefits of SITE123's HTML5 Website Builder

As we've already seen, every business has its private language – those words and phrases that people working in that industry or marketplace fully understand and often use without thinking, sometimes to the confusion of “outsiders” – often customers. Through our use of HTML5 you can quickly create your own professional and user-friendly website, without needing to know or use any programming language or skills. As the latest upgrade, now accepted as the industry standard and recommended for use, it contains powerful advancements on the previous versions. It is supported by all key web browsers and can quickly be both read and deciphered by major search engines. Incidentally, this makes it quite different from Flash, which is unreadable by these same search engines.

What HTML5 brings to your SITE123 website

Using the latest technology means that its innovative features are available to be incorporated into your website. Would you like a video or sound clip to be part of your webpages? No problem! Keen to use some 2D animations? Same answer! Another terrific piece of news is that, through using version five, your site’s layout is automatically adjusted for all the different devices that support it. Our free HTML5 website builder can help you get started as soon as you wish.


No matter your level of expertise in the field of either programming or design, the real key is to be able to quickly create a stunning and professional website that best presents your business message to those interested in finding and benefiting from it. Like any other indispensable tool, that’s really how HTML5 truly best helps you.

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