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How to Write an About Us Page - Tips & Examples

Learn here how to write an About Us Page. This is one of the most important pages on your website! Tell the internet what your site is all about.

Those who do not know much about your business will most probably check the About Us page to have an understanding of what you do. A well-written About Us page is of huge importance. Sadly, very few businesses pay attention to it. Whether you have a personal blog, an e-commerce store, or a business website, it is important to create a compelling About Us page that informs readers more about your business and keeps them engaged. It can be used to encourage visitors and push them to have a look at what you have to offer. In this article, we’ll talk about how to write an About Us page.

Table of Contents:

How to Write an About Us Page - Tips & Examples

Tell Your Story

The About Us page should tell readers what your business is all about. It should answer all their questions including what you do, why you started, and what keeps you going. Take pride in your story and do not hesitate in telling people about your journey. The About Us page should be used as a tool to form a personal connection with your visitors or prospective buyers. The idea is to get them engrossed. We live in a world where buyers do not only buy products or ideas, they buy stories. See the below example, these travel bloggers neatly pitch their services while sharing how they started out. If you're passionate about a cause, then highlight it. The About Us page should make your customers feel that you truly care for your business and for them. Your story does not have to be very exciting, it can be something as simple as opening a restaurant because you enjoyed your grandma’s recipe. It’s all about how you present your story.
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Highlight Your Accomplishments

Mention all of your achievements including awards, recognitions, licenses, etc. This is very important for all kinds of businesses. For example, if you run a dental practice, then talk about your license, registration, and accreditation details. You can also mention if you are affiliated with other institutes and organizations. Patients like to go to a reliable dentist who isn’t afraid of showing his or her experience and exposure. Also, mention if you’re BBB accredited and what rating you enjoy. This information is important to make people trust your business. Bloggers or startups might not have awards or affiliations to their credit. In such a case, you will have to be a little creative. For example, if you are a travel blogger, then you can talk about how you have traveled to X number of destinations or how you hit 100,000 subscribers within a few months. The purpose of mentioning accomplishments is to prove you’re worth it. However, remember that everything should be true and verifiable.
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Include Images and Details

This is one of the most important About Us page tips but very few people pay attention to it. The About Us page should contain images and details about your business. Don’t just tell your story in words, use photos to show what you have to offer. For example, if you run a hair salon, upload images of the salon to highlight the kind of tools you use, the atmosphere you offer, and the hygiene standards you maintain. These are things that clients take interest in. Moreover, you can also use the About Us page to highlight how you’re better than competitors. Consider adding a section that sets you apart. Tip: Avoid using generic and low quality images. Also, make sure the images are not too large in size, otherwise the page will take too long to load.
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Take Care of SEO

The About Us page is typically not written from an SEO perspective, but like any other page, it can help you rank well. Make sure to use proper keywords and inner links to help search crawlers find your page. Keywords like ‘business name and location’ can be easily used on the About Us page. For example, if you run a grocery store in Atlanta, you can use keywords like ‘grocery store Atlanta’ or ‘Atlanta grocery store’ on the About Us page.
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Do Not Neglect the Design

The About Us page should look neat and attractive. Stick to fonts and colors that are good on the eyes and easy to read. Also, don’t forget when to stop. The About Us page should never be too long. Most About Us pages are only about 300 words but you can go up to 500 words if necessary. However, you might find some pages that go up to 2,000 words because that’s the demand of the story. Our free site builder can help you create a kickass page. Have a look at it today.
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Bonus Tip: Hire a Professional to Write It

While our tool can help you create a compelling About Us page, we suggest that you get a professional writer to write it for you. Remember that it’s not always about what you do but how you tell the world about it. A professional writer can use the magic of words to tell your story to the world. Be careful when selecting a writer. The writer must understand your business and present it the way you’d like it presented.
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We hope these About Us page tips will help you create pages that sell. The key lies in answering all questions one may have about your business and presenting your story in an engaging manner by using visuals.
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