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How to Start Your Own Business Using Landing Pages

Landing or lead management pages are a key part of starting an online or e-commerce business. They provide a simple solution for the collection of committed leads; those people interested enough to consider buying your products, or signing up to make use of the services you offer. In face-to-face selling situations, they should become the equivalent of what you would term your “regular calls”.

The first consideration is what your business is actually going to be – and to whom. Of the millions, if not billions, of people available to you across the internet, it’s likely that the vast majority will, at any one time, have little or no need or interest in what you are intending to offer. If that thought alarms you for a moment, don’t worry.

Your aim should be to secure, through effective use of landing pages, a manageable number of the right kind of people, namely those who have some level of need or want of your services. Therefore, before using the terrific range of landing page templates available here on our website to design your own, create a picture of who you want to reach and what they want you to tell them.

How to attract them

A landing page could be compared to a new restaurant. If you don’t tell interested parties that it’s open for business, no matter how terrific the food is, it will simply never be used. Therefore, as you start, it’s vital to build up a series of activities you can use to deliver these prospective customers or business partners to your pages.

Social media is an obvious source, so make sure you are using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other sources to promote your activities as well as the business itself. Local media, or specialized websites involving the type of service or products you will offer, are other useful places to be found. Many of these sites will welcome articles offering advice or information helpful to their own visitors, and as part of the information, they will let you highlight your company and how it can help, with embedded links to your landing pages.

How to satisfy new arrivals

The moment someone clicks through to your landing page, they want to know they’ve reached the right place. Therefore, your headline and any graphics should confirm this. The message needs to be specific, not simply that they have reached your company, but that they have found precisely what they are looking for. From this starting point, take them on as quick and simple journey as you can to where they take the action you want from them. This might be signing up to receive emails, or a newsletter, perhaps to go forward and buy an actual product or request a service.

Remember this key

Earlier, we briefly compared a new landing page to opening a restaurant. This holds true again because when diners arrive, the initial reception area is there to welcome them and then you would guide them to their table. Your landing pages are that welcome point, starting their journey with your company. Make sure people use them to move on to the next stage, just as the restaurateur would with their diners.

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How to Start Your Own Business Using Landing Pages
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