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How To Create a Resume Website

You may wonder why someone would bother to go to the trouble of creating a website that is just an expanded version of their resume when there are so many hugely popular job sites that will host them for free. The stone-cold truth is that if you depend on these other websites to host your resume you are at risk of being lost in a very large crowd. This can cost you more than you realize, because not only are the large majority of job openings never advertised on online career websites at all, the average posting on those sites receives hundreds if not thousands of applicants.

Your website as a resume

While social networking sites that are career-focused can be an outstanding place to host your resume, they do not give you any appreciable advantage over the legions of other professionals that are on that particular network. Why would a website work better? On a social network you are just a part of the pack, and having your own website marks you immediately as a maverick who is deeply committed to your career. Nobody was ever hired by a human resources drone flipping through resumes or even a headhunter looking for your specific skill-set. Hiring managers make hiring decisions, and hiring managers are impressed by initiative and creativity. So few of their candidates have their own websites that it cannot help but make you stand out from the crowd.

Your website will:

Be among the top results in search engines when hiring managers inevitably Google your name.
Give hiring managers more information on your talents and personality than even the best resume could possibly impart.
Allow you the creative freedom to really display your skill-set, perhaps even with pictures or video presentations

How to create a resume website to host your resume

There are some essential components that you will need to have an outstanding personal website for your resume.

  • Your resume: it may seem obvious, but your website should match what is included in your paper resume. Your website is a place to highlight, not embellish, your experience. Remember to include accurate and up-to-date contact information.
  • Portfolio: This is mandatory for creative professionals, but workers from many different career fields may benefit from displaying tangible results of their work, whether it is a picture of a house you worked construction on or a particularly delicious-looking meal that you created for a catering company.
  • A purpose: One of the greatest advantages of your website is that it gives you a forum to make a big statement of purpose. What are your career goals and what value do you bring? These are two of the biggest questions on the mind of every hiring manager and you can answer them before they even pick up the phone to ask you for an interview.

Whether you are a professional with many years of experience or just trying to get your foot in the door for the first time, you can benefit from a personal website. If you are interested in quickly and easily introducing yourself to potential employers with your very own website, take a moment to review the great features of SITE123 Free Website Builder.

How To Create a Resume Website
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