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How To Create a Landing Page In Under 30 Minutes

When you are designing a landing page you want to ensure that every piece of user experience works toward fulfilling your business goal: having them purchase a product immediately, sign up for a mailing list, fill out contact form, generating business, sales or leads.

These kind of pages are great to conduct the visitor through your story, present them more of your business, and in the end, make them take action, i.e. buying something or subscribing to a mailing list. Let’s take a look at a few things and learn how to create a landing page:

  • Lead them into a sales funnel –  You can use a landing page to sell a product or service. You will guide the visitor through the benefits by telling a story and right on the end, you make them an awesome offer.
  • Use your landing page for your email marketing - According to MarketingLand, you can collect 50% more email subscribers with landing pages. That can be done by creating a dedicated landing page or a series of them with opt-in boxes so visitors can subscribe to your newsletter. The pages will be found through searches or through any other marketing mean you use. Then, people will visit the landing pages and subscribe to receive your emails. 
  • Generate Leads - You can also use a landing page to directly develop your sales. The use of good sales copywriting can get visitors more interested in a product or service that you offer. Throughout the text, you can elicit your unique selling proposition and then direct the reader’s focus into a box that says something like “enter your email here to get a special discount on product X”. This tactic can generate some hot leads that you can easily turn into customers. 
  • Start product launches – landing pages are very powerful to create expectancy. And that’s great for product launches. What you can do is set up a series of landing pages, where people subscribe to your newsletter. The next thing you know is they will come asking you if you have more tips for them on a given subject, in other words, asking you to sell them something. 

What to keep in mind when creating a landing page?

Start by defining goals

  • Increase leads, sales, survey, chat, mailing list sign up…
  • Be specific. What is the result that you want to achieve today? How much you expect to increase it? You can define a ratio to measure how many potential customers become paying customers - a conversion rate. For example, if you are getting 1,000 new chats every month and 70 of them become paying customers every month, you have a 7% conversion rate. 

Content can kill it in a good or a bad way

  • You have certainly heard the expression before: “That’s a killer”. That can be true for your landing pages if you have great content on them that bring added value to the readers. However, if you go in the opposite direction and talk only about your product, company, benefits and not focus on the customer at all, your content, well… It can turn into a serial killer. Since you will not be killing your own page with bad content, here is the first tip:  
  • choose one simple message to convey. If you focus on one too many things at once, people will get overwhelmed and leave never to come back again. So focus on only message you want to convey and elaborate it using storytelling and other techniques in order to take the most out of your landing page. By defining goals, you can know what to say on the page.
  • The ideal length will depend on what you’re selling and who your audience is. If you’re selling to teenagers, it makes no sense to have long copywriting. That will bring nothing but rejection. In the other hand, if your audience is composed of lawyers, you must elaborate on the topic in order to get them involved. Keep in mind what your audience is and always write thinking about them. One awesome exercise is to define an exact persona, almost like an average of all your customers. Define if it’s he or she, how old, if he/she has kids, married, work, interests and so on. Even give this persona a name, let’s say Bob. For example, Bob sells insurance is married, 40 years old and has two kids. Now it’s a lot easier to know how to write to all the Bobs in your audience and to sell them something later on. 
  • Describe your product or service as concisely as possible to grab the attention of your potential users.

Design of the page

  • Create visual hierarchy – design with direction. Every page has its most important part. Make sure you make that very clear to all your visitors by using your design to guide their eyes to that special part. You can use different tones of colors, contrast, shadows and even copywriting to do that. Everything counts when taking your potential customer to that bright spot where he might take the action you want them to take.
  • Headers, sub headers, buttons and images will represent the page message in a powerful way. Many times when we think about design, we think about the overall looks, banners, logos and we may leave behind a few important aspects like buttons and other images. The same thing happens to copywriting; we focus too much on the text and sometimes may end up with mediocre headers and sub headers. Let that not be you. Remember all the little and big parts when designing and writing so the whole page works in unison to convey the message in a coherent way.
  • Images – charm with great visuals. Everyone know the old adage that an image is worth a thousand words. Time to apply this. Use powerful images on your landing page to corroborate your written message and make the experience more pleasant to your readers. That counts many points in your favor when the time comes to make the sale.


  • responsive design – this is a very common jargon on the web design industry nowadays. The responsive design ensures that a website will automatically adapt to any screen it’s been displayed on. All websites on SITE123 are fully responsive and can be browsed in perfection from any kind of device out there. In the mobile version, you need to consider how much your users will read and how much they scroll down before you lose the chance of conversion. To avoid losing any deals and to maximize the results from your landing pages, you should pay attention so your text is not too long and not boring. 

Focus on conversions

  • We have talked about conversions above and we must reiterate the point. A landing page is the perfect environment to get visitors familiarized with your business, give them something of value (a tip, idea, insight) and get them to take some kind of action. Use conversion elements such as phone number, newsletter sign up boxes, forms, chat and more. A phone number gets them compelled to call you, sign up boxes make them your followers, forms get them to give you data for free, chats allow you to take care of their concerns and answer questions right away… The good thing is that you have various apps available on SITE123 that help you with that. For forms you can use JotForm and 123ContactForm for example and for chats you can use LiveChat, JivoChat, among others.

Test the experience

There is a few tools you can use to test the experience your clients are having on your page. Let’s see a couple of them.

  • Hotjar is a great tool that allows you to track what visitors are doing on your page. You will be able to see where they click the most, where they keep the mouse on, how much time they spend on particular pages and so on. What that data do is give you insights on how to enhance the user experience on your website, i.e. an image that people try to click on should be turned into link to a page with more details and so on. There is many things you can do to enhance the user experience while increasing the probabilities of converting visitors.
  • Google analytics is a must use tool for any website owner. The analytics from Google give you all the basic numbers from your website: number of visitors, where they come from (social media, search, referrals), their interests, behavior on the website and much more. The insights provided will be great for you to adapt the content on your website in order to get better results from it. 

Ok, enough talk. We have gone over a basic frame of reference so you can pay attention to the important aspects of creating a powerful landing page. You may be thinking: “It sounds all so simple. I bet it’s hard when you actually do it”. I am sorry, but if you are thinking that, you are dead wrong. Don’t believe it?

Now, let’s do it in less than 30 Minutes.

Website: http://fitinoneweek.site123.me/

Type: Yoga Studio

Goal: increase new leads in 10% through mailing list sign up

How can we do it? Create an amazing free landing page with a call to action to sign up through the mailing list.

Step 1

Go to https://www.site123.com/ and choose your website type: landing page.

choose your website type: landing page

Step 2

Give your landing page a name.

Give your landing page a name.

Step 3

Add your unique content.

Add unique content to your landing page

Step 4

Add your stunning images. You can also use SITE123 royalty free image gallery.

Add stunning images to your landing page

Step 5

Add a promo module with mailing list function. Go to the “Pages” menu and click to add a new promo page. When editing the page, you can choose to insert a mailing list subscription field. Then you just add some compelling text and done. 

Add mailing list function to your landing page

Step 6

Choose a relevant domain name. If you already know what is your business name than do not hesitate to buy the domain.

Choose a relevant domain name to your landing page

Step 7

Add important SEO settings (H1, H2, Image alternative text, Unique Description, Meta Tags).

Add important SEO settings to your landing page

Step 8

The final result should be something like what you see below. Of course, with your content and copywriting.

final result of your landing page

Step 9


How long did it take you?

Less than 30 minutes?! I told you that’s what it takes! Now, you are all set with your powerful landing page. And if you paid attention to the aspects above, you are ready to rock the house with your content and increase your conversions today. STRAT HERE!

How To Create a Landing Page In Under 30 Minutes
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