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How to Add Google AdSense to Your Website Quickly

You have probably spent a lot of effort and time on your website. Why not get compensated for the hard work? Here is how to use Google AdSense to generate a few extra coins.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is an advertising system where sponsored ads appear on your website. Google will automatically check the web pages where the ads are to be placed and will display relevant advertisements. This, in turn, helps create highly targeted adverts for the advertised page allowing you to earn higher returns as a publisher, the advertising network (Google) and the advertiser.

Before starting

You must have an already existing site before applying for Google AdSense. The team at the program will review your site before they accept it, so make sure your website does not have some “under construction” page.

Ensure that you are running a “G-rated” website. AdSense does not allow controversial topics such as adult into its program. Next, ensure that you have a Google-approved AdSense privacy policy on your site. To find an AdSense Privacy Policy, just Google “AdSense policy generator” (without the quotes) and settle on the first result you find. All you have to do is input information about your website, email, your cookies use, and then choose AdSense and create My Privacy Policy. Add the information generated to your site’s Privacy Policy.

Step 1: Apply to Google

Once you have a fully functional site with a Google approved privacy policy, apply to Google AdSense. Google will send an email to verify the email address you provide and follow the instructions provided. Once you have verified the information, the Google AdSense team will receive your application, and they will review your website. Reviewing is likely to take a few days, so continue posting on your site as usual.

Step 2: Configuring your ads

Once the account is approved, log in and get the HTML code that you will paste into your web page. The code is found under the “AdSense Setup” tab. You can customize the advertisement appearance; choose between image or text ads, or a mixture of both. Once you are through with customization, just cut and paste the code into your website.

Step 3: Pasting Google AdSense code onto your web page

Ensure that you insert the code into your website as HTML. SITE123's WYSIWYG editor will let you do that easily.

Step 4: Your earnings

Once earnings from your Google ads reach a certain amount the first time, Google will send a card by snail mail with characters printed on it. Log into your AdSense account and enter the characters (PIN) before you can receive payments. Delivery duration of the card is dependent on where you live and threshold amount defined by Google. You will only have to do this once during the lifetime of your account.

Things you should never do

  • Never click your Google ads, even if testing them since Google will regard this as fraud and kick you out of the program
  • Never encourage family members to click on the ads because any clicks from your household look like clicks from you
  • Be realistic and do not expect a fortune from ads, the revenue earned per click is about a cent or two assuming Google will not discount some of them for some reason

If you already have a website, apply to AdSense now. If not, SITE123's website builder can help you create a website immediately. Enrolling to the Google AdSense program takes time to get things into full swing, therefore, do not wait until you are desperately in need of money before you start.

How to Add Google AdSense to Your Website Quickly
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