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Enhancing Customer Acquisition with SITE123 and LiveChat

  • Case Example: iNex
  • Site: http://inexbudget.site123.me/
  • Segment: Photography
  • Target: Individuals or companies in need of visual material
  • Project: Real-time Quoting
  • Benefits & Results: More deals closed and enhanced customer acquisition
  • SITE123 Solution: Basic Plan
  • LiveChat Solution: Team Plan

Table of Contents:

Enhancing Customer Acquisition with SITE123 and LiveChat


This study analyses how visual art agencies can improve their customer acquisition by improving customer service and providing real-time quotes. In this case, there is a focus on photography agencies as an example. For the desired results, it is necessary to have or set up a website and use a chat box as means to provide quotes. This allows the companies to better understand the potential customers’ needs, establish rapport with them and possibly generate a sale. Over time, this strategy is set to facilitate deals, increase customer base and consequently enhance cash flows.
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Recently, many traditional means of understanding customers’ needs and providing quotes have been running scarce in terms of results. Fierce competition and obsolete means of contact such as phone and in-person make it harder to bring customers in. With everyday life turning to the digital world, it is necessary that companies turn their strategies in the same direction. All enterprises seek to increase the number of clients and consequently cash flows in order to continue growing over time. The online environment can be the leap forward for visual art agencies to capture new clients and establish business relationships.


- Acquire more corporate clients - Establish long-term business relationships - Increase earnings per client


When people look for a photography company to get a quote, they usually want fast outcomes. Traditional ways of servicing potential clients such as phone, email or in-person no longer appeal to either individuals or corporate workers. The administrative team in charge of this kind of company need to direct the efforts to a live chat service to be able to bring the desired results. The easiest way for companies to acquire new clients is to apply a simple strategic route to turn individuals interested in their services into customers. This strategy is very straightforward: it consists of a chat box easily accessible on the website for visitors to talk to a representative in real time and even get a quote at that very moment. To implement the strategy, it is first necessary to create a website. That can be done using SITE123, a free website builder. SITE123 offers photography templates and others, which facilitate the work of the person in charge of building the website. Within the SITE123 hub, there are options to add many functionalities. Among them is LiveChat, which is used to place a chat box on the company’s website. After the website is made, it is necessary to turn to LiveChat to set up the form that goes into the website. To sign up for the service and set up the chat box that will go into the company’s website, the person in charge needs only a few minutes on LiveChat’s website. When the chat box is ready, it is smoothly inserted into the website. The process is elementary: after setting up the chat, the person in charge copies a number/letter sequence shown on LiveChat and pastes it into the respective plugin on SITE123. “By understanding the online advantages it is possible to remain open to learning concepts of customer acquisition, sales steps and more. The quality of the and methods differentiates companies between each other but that is not enough to capture attention. Just like in any kind of photography or other kinds of services, customer support and sales have its own steps.”, says Noam Alloush, SITE123 owner.

Expected Payoff

- Deals closed faster: By starting a conversation with website visitors, representatives can answer any questions prospects may have in real-time and instantly establish a relationship with them. With the understanding of potential customers’ needs, the representative can offer solutions and quotes when requested. This enhances the time traditionally spent with phone calls, emails and meetings. - Long-term relationship building: Many companies and organizations usually need recurring services and support. The chat box on the website can contribute to maintaining an active relationship with clients and being able to discuss details of future projects with incredible speed. - Increased revenues from clients: Faster customer service is the key to closing more deals with existing clients. The online efforts may result in satisfied customers that would be happy to share with their acquaintances the great service they are experiencing. The company earns double fold from this strategy by having increased revenues and recognition.


The beginning may be challenging with traditional means going obsolete. However, the goal should be applying available technologies to quickly establish relationships with visitors and therefore close more deals. With some effort from the team involved, it is possible to add the pieces together using SITE123 and LiveChat to discover a path to capture website visitors and turning them into paying customers. With the chat box strategy, potential customers can inform the company’s agents about their needs and instantly request quotes. This way, the agents can understand what potential customers want, then tell them how the company can help and what would be charged for the services. In this sense, the chat can be the ultimate deal facilitator between the company and potential customers.


Companies can successfully implement a chat service and take advantage of the possibilities it offers.
The implementation of modern tools is a great path to company growth. In addition, smart tools such as SITE123 and LiveChat facilitate the employment of this kind of strategy.
Furthermore, the use of chat boxes as a mean for customer acquisition is widely used by large corporations and its results can also contribute to SMEs growth.
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