Achieve Results by Adding Video to Your Landing Page

Adding video to a landing page is one of the key ways in which web designers are encouraging visitors to remain on the page and learn about a business's products. With SITE123's software you can easily incorporate video into your landing pages in order to improve your ability to convert visitors into leads.

A video immediately grabs the attention of a casual visitor to a web page. They are also excellent tools for quickly explaining what the benefits or a product or service are.

An example of an effective video for a business that sells products could be a short demonstration of one of their main items. This should engagingly show how easy the product is to use and what the benefits are for customers who buy one. Adding in customer testimonials will lend credence to the fact that the product is of a good quality and will be more likely to stick in a viewer's mind than a text comment to the same effect.

Another good use for video is to demystify something complicated. For example, a piece of software that visitors to your site might understand has benefits for them but which they are intimidated by the thought of using. A quick guide to using the product will help make your product seem more accessible and encourage visitors to click through and make a purchase.

It is not necessary to have a lengthy video that shows every function of your service. Instead, a short video of 90 seconds or less will often be more effective as fewer people will stop watching before the end.

Having a video with actual human beings speaking and interacting opens up possibilities for quickly engaging the emotions of your audience. This can be extremely effective in hammering home the benefits of your product or service. For example, showing what a VoIP service can do to help you communicate with family members in other countries.

If your business has well known brands among its clients then a video showing them using your services will quickly give you credibility with anyone who visits your site. People assume that well respected, big name brands will use the best goods and services and will judge your company accordingly.

Embedding the video on your page allows visitors to sign up for your services as they are watching your, hopefully, very persuasive presentation. Some companies have reported conversion rates upwards of 20% for people who have watched their videos.

With SITE123's lead management interface you will be able to see which people viewed your video prior to making a purchase. This should help with testing the video and further optimizing your messages to visitors.

Including a call to action as the thumbnail for the video rather than just a random still will help increase the number of people who actually watch. This could be something as simple as "Learn more in 60 seconds". It also helps to make the video a big part of the page.

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Achieve Results by Adding Video to Your Landing Page
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