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5 Tips To Improve Your E-commerce SEO

Check out these 5 tips to improve your online shop SEO.

E-commerce may be the complete reason for your business website, or simply a part of a range of activities you undertake or services you provide. Whichever, there are some specific points that can help make the most of the SEO you use. Here are five powerful tips:

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5 Tips To Improve Your E-commerce SEO

1.  Create unique meta tags

People seeking the product are not also likely to be seeking your business unless you happen to be the manufacturer. Make sure your meta tags are therefore uniquely tailored to each specific product, ensuring that, when searching, your potential customers are brought right to the place they want to be. How often do you search for an item and find the link you click is to a home or general information page, leaving you to do the work and find where you want to be (or, just as likely, retrace your steps and go elsewhere)?
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2.  Keep your products close to your homepage

Further to the previous point, how often are you expected to start by choosing a category, and then you’ll find some sub-categories, followed by a multi-item menu or two? Eventually, if you are persistent enough, you might finally reach your destination. Remember, your homepage is also likely to be your highest SEO-ranked page, so keeping your products close is valuable.

3.  Ditch those manufacturer’s descriptions

Well, perhaps not totally. When you read the descriptions provided by a manufacturer, it’s often clear that no person would talk in that way when describing the product. Yet, when searching, people are more likely to be in talk-mode. Also, your copy is not simply a description, it should be a sales tool as well. Think about the uses people will make of any product because that’s also likely to define their search terms.

4.  Invite customer reviews and comments

This delivers unique content to your site, rather than simply the descriptions you have created. Those leaving their thoughts will often use words or phrases that you might not have thought of. Yet, if that’s one person’s view, then others might be using the same terms to search. It’s a terrific way to be more SEO friendly than you might have thought possible! Incidentally, the occasional negative review also makes your site seem more realistic and gives you the chance to correct any misunderstandings or clarify any areas of doubt.

5.  Product tagging by customers

What a good idea this would be. The world of social media now sees people regularly tagging products with their own keywords or slang. Like the previous point, you are giving your site the opportunity to be found by a search by those terms people are currently using. You might not even fully understand some of the "speak", but as long as more potential customers do, it’s a no-brainer to welcome the idea.


When you use the terrific store templates here at SITE123 to create your e-commerce website, and then as it develops and thrives, these five tips can help you gain that bit more traction when potential customers are searching for the products or packages you are offering.

Use those 5 great tips of E-commerce SEO to boost your ecommerce today.
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