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5 Tips On How to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Learn useful tips on how to increase traffic to your website. Knowing how to drive traffic to your website will determine whether your website succeeds online.

SEO, good content, interesting meta descriptions, and leveraging social media are some great ways to increase traffic to your site. Check this article for a complete guide on generating more website traffic. The aim of every website owner or marketer is to drive more traffic to the site. This, however, is easier said than done. There are more than 2 billion websites, all competing for a share of the internet. This is why it is believed that more than half of local business sites receive less than 500 visitors per month. If you’re struggling to find an audience, then understand that you’re not alone. In this article, we’ll tell you how to drive traffic to your website.

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5 Tips On How to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Identify and Use Keywords

Do not forget that about half of all internet traffic is organic. It’s believed that 68 percent of online experiences begin with a search engine. Your audience is out there, they’re looking for content, but they will not find you until you take steps to be found. Spend time performing keyword research and make sure to use keywords throughout your content including landing pages, blogs, product descriptions, etc. However, merely using keywords is not enough. You must work hard to rank on the first page of Google since 75 percent of users will never go past the first page. Understand keywords and consider hiring the services of a digital agency if you do not have the time or skills to manage this aspect of your business. Try to use keywords that offer good volume but are easy to rank for. It's believed that 69.7 percent of all queries contain at least four words. These are called long-tail keywords and they’re said to be easier to rank for. In addition to this, also concentrate on local keywords, i.e.: city-specific keywords if you run a local business.
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Get Published On Other Sites

This might come as a surprise to some but getting published on another website can be very beneficial for your business. It does not only help build an audience but can also be used to solidify your online presence and present you as an authority in your niche. Moreover, it’s a reliable way to generate quality backlinks. There are several ways of getting published on other sites. You can syndicate your content. About 27 percent of B2B marketers use this technique. In addition to this, you can become a contributor or choose to write guest blogs for other platforms. Make sure to choose a website that’s reputable, in the same niche as yours, and with a good audience so that you can leverage it to increase traffic to your site. The content can be an opinion piece, an interview-style article, or a blog. Make sure to include a link to your page so that readers have the option to find more about you or your business.
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Enjoy The Benefits of Social Media

More than 4.5 billion people use social media and many of them are on it to find information related to a product or service. Create a solid presence on social media to help users find you. Link your pages to your website and make sure to share content as it gets published. Our free site builder offers social media integration. You will not have to worry about plugins to get the job done. There are several social media platforms to choose from including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. Since it may not be possible to be active on all of them, look around and choose an option that houses your audience. Pinterest, for example, can be great for businesses that target women since about 71 percent of Pinterest users are female. Similarly, LinkedIn can be a great platform if you’re targeting executives. Another creative way to leverage social media is to use hashtags, especially if you’re on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Hashtags can be used to promote your brand, start a marketing campaign, and find your audience. You can even come up with a branded hashtag to try and go viral. Instagram posts with hashtags can generate up to 79.5 percent more engagement. However, make sure to choose the right hashtags.
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Improve Meta Descriptions

As mentioned in our previous blog post, web pages that contain a meta description get 5.8 percent more clicks than web pages that contain no description. Remember that keywords and other SEO techniques can only help you rank well on search engines but they cannot make users click on your link. There’s no point in being on the first page of Google if you can’t get users to click on your link because it doesn’t count unless a user lands on your page. Clever titles and meta descriptions can be effective in enticing users to click on a search result. Sadly, about 28 percent of websites contain no meta description and 7 percent of sites have a description that is too short. Check our guide on how to write meta descriptions so you can enjoy their benefits.
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Keep Uploading New Content

Create content as much as you can. The more content you have, the more pages users will have to read. The aim should be to create evergreen posts that have the potential to go viral; however, that's easier said than done. For best results, create blogs or pages that contain at least 2,000 words. Longer posts are good for backlinks and organic leads. Moreover, they appear authentic and well-researched and are loved by Google as well. However, your content should be informative and valuable. Make sure to include videos and images as pages that contain visual elements tend to generate more traffic. Pay special attention to headlines and subheadings. About 80 percent of users will read your content if you have interesting headlines.
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Consider rapid sources like influencer marketing, PPC, and social media advertising. You can also start a podcast or YouTube channel and direct visitors to your site. The key lies in being active, spending time on SEO, and leveraging all available tools like social media and online directories. While these tactics to improve traffic to your website work, remember that there’s a time lag and it may take a while for results to show.
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