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5 Effective Ways to Promote a Website

When promoting your new website, consider these points in order to get the best results

Congratulations! Your new website is looking great because you used the superb tools available here in our SITE123 free website builder. The next key is to make sure as many of the people who should know about it - current and future customers, suppliers and the like - do know where to find you. We’ll assume that you have taken care of meta tags and descriptions, and are up-to-speed with SEO tactics. Here we’ll look at five other terrific, quick and simple ways to help promote a website:

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5 Effective Ways to Promote a Website

1.  Remember the obvious

Add the address to every email, business card and other pieces of stationery you use. If this is going to be an immediate expense you don’t want to bear, until the next new stationery order, create a sticker to add. This might be a self-stick starburst, or a pre-printed Blu-Tack, both of which can be presented as a piece of “breaking news” to add immediacy. Announce your new site with an email including a homepage image plus link – together with an “introductory offer” or key reason for paying an immediate visit.
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2.  Make maximum use of your social media presence

Or start using these valuable business tools if you haven’t yet. Twitter and Facebook are great places to direct traffic to your website, not simply after its creation, but on an ongoing basis. You can then tweet about changes, new products, links to your blog and the like – the aim is to keep finding ways of reminding people where you are without being too invasive in their daily lives. With Facebook, you can use images and copy your blogs (or key parts of them, together with a link to the remainder). Finally, don’t forget to create or update your LinkedIn profile to add your web presence.

3.  Offer a link or banner exchange with websites of other (non-competing) companies

This can be in your local area to show businesses supporting each other, or with sites that offer complementary products or services to yours.

4.  Create a press release

Create a press release or offer free articles for your local media, or national magazines in your product or service field. The former should say more than “we have a new website” as this isn’t news. Once you add: “It was created because…” and find key reasons that are pertinent to the readers of that publication, then you have a better chance of the information appearing in print or online. Many such media are also ravenous for copy, so if you offer to provide informative articles, then you can add details of your web presence to these. In this way, you heighten the interest of your potential audience by being seen as more than simply trying to sell to them.

5.  Word-of-mouth

Word-of-mouth seems so obvious as it is the most traditional form of all advertising. Yet it is still of great value. Ensure that your team always mention your new website during calls. It’s best if they find a reason for doing so. This might be to allow the person they're talking with to gain more information, or it can even be a casual: “We’d value your opinion”. Mention it at meetings, social gatherings – in fact whenever you can. Even ask people to pass the information on to others.


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